High Striker

by Professor Spellbinder

Who is the strongest one of all? Kids line up and take turns pounding the Striker, trying to send the ball up the wire to hit the bell. Only the very littlest succeeds! This game is rigged! But all the kids who try get a prize for trying, so they're not complaining. And when the gong rings, the whole top changes to reveal a photo of the winner with BIG muscles, which he or she gets to keep as a souvenir.

You can begin this project by trying to buy one of these games, but most of the ones that are usually rented and not sold by carnival supply houses are much too tall for the average indoor birthday party, so you are probably going to end up building exactly what you need anyway.

It’s not a difficult prop to build. However, we’re going to increase the difficulty of making the game and winning it by inserting a few quirky additions, like the Muscleman Ending and rigging the Striker to win or lose as the carnival grifter chooses.



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