The Magic of Dimitri "Mystery Artist" -Book 1

Dimitri is a professional magician, specializing in close up magic and mentalism. He was born in Ukraine in 1984, grew up in Israel and currently resides in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Dimitri combines magic with his second biggest passion, traveling. Over the last several years, he has been performing magic across all across Europe, North and South America, visiting more than 30 countries. Dimitri speaks English, Spanish, Russian, Hebrew and Portuguese fluently.

His magic is highly inspired by the works of Tommy Wonder, Greg Wilson, Juan Tamariz, Darwin Ortiz, Derren Brown, Uri Geller and Banachek.

Besides magic, Dimitri has a background in Theater and Psychology.

Dimitri Wins Award at FLASOMA, 2017

His Facebook page links to photos and videos that will show you how he thinks, creates, and performs:

Dimitri's effects require some knowledge of basic magic and some sleight of hand, but mostly, your success with the effect depends on your ability to present it with magic showmanship.

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Note: All the items on this page are e-Books (pdf files) of instructions for building the effects, and not the actual prop itself. You make the devices following the author's photos and instructions and get the parts from sources suggested by the author.

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Socks Routine

Based loosely on a card effect by John Scarne, in Dimitri's version, the magician displays socks in different colors and shapes; spectators eliminate them, leaving the performer with only one. The audience can change their minds in any part of the routine. The magician lifts up his pants, showing that he is not wearing a sock on his left foot. Amazingly, on his other foot, he is wearing the sock that matches the one chosen by the audience.
Note: No gimmicks are used; can be performed close-up, parlor or stage.




Inspired by a card effect by Al Leech, Dimitri uses a bottle cap from his favorite beer, Goldstar, after which this trick is named, but you can use any beer cap or bottle cap. The magician puts the beer cap on the table; a card is selected randomly. The magician asks the spectator to turn over the beer cap. The selected card is written inside the cap. The spectator keeps the beer cap as a souvenir. Later, the magician offers to do another trick. Another card is selected. Once again the magician draws attention to the beer cap in possession of the spectator. When it is turned over the second time, the name of the card has changed to the name of the second selected card.



Van Gogh Delirium

The magician says that he is going to combine the art of magic with the art of drawing. He takes out a small envelope and a pack of business cards. A random word is written on the back of each card. A spectator freely chooses one of the business cards. For example: the word written on the chosen card is “elephant”.

The magician explains that in the envelope there is a prediction: a drawing of the selected word. When the envelope is opened, the only thing inside is an incomprehensible image. The magician sadly announces that, in fact, he is a terrible painter… this is why he stays with magic. He takes out a matchbox, lights one match and places it beneath the drawing as if to burn his artwork. The scribbled lines visibly melt into the image of an elephant.



Ring to Kinder Egg


A borrowed ring vanishes and appears inside the yellow plastic shell of a Kinder Surprise egg. The chocolate egg is held by a spectator from the beginning. The spectator unwraps the cover of the egg, splits the chocolate in halves and opens the shell, finding the ring is inside.



Strange Coincidence


A spectator selects a card from a face up deck. The Magician turns the cards face down to show that the back of every card has a name written on it, but only the name on the selected card matches the spectator’s name.

This effect is perfect for close up or strolling magic. No setup is required during performance. It can be repeated for different groups, with different names and chosen cards, and it can even be done without the magician ever touching the cards.

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