Winston Freer's Tile Deal Puzzle

A puzzle in which 63 squares, divided into 10 separate tiles, are arranged and rearranged so that they always occupy the same space (63 square inches, for example) but each time the tiles are rearranged, one tile is left out of the reassembly until you are left at the end with three separate tiles that will not fit back in. Yet you still have 63 squares every time you do this. I give you the original templates for making this yourself from cardboard, magnetic sheeting, vinyl floor tiles from the Dollar Store, hardboard or thin wood. Note: This is NOT the same configuration of tiles that is sold by others commercially, but is based on Winston Freer's original configuration, with no need for beveling the edges of the puzzle. My "Wizard Touch" is to show you how to perform with this configuration in a way that I believe is superior to the commercial versions that sell for hundreds of dollars. However, if you'd like to try making one the hard way, I give you a configuration to work with for that purpose.

Wiz Kid Qua-Fiki shows you how to make a smaller 6" by 9" puzzle from wood, as he demonstrates on the Video below. The e-Book includes his smaller version plus construction plans.

Winston Freer Tile Puzzle from James Gerrish on Vimeo.


Tile Deal Puzzle


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