The REAL Panama Rope Mystery
By Professor Spellbinder

Ted Collins' Panama Rope Mystery was published in the Tarbell Course of Magic (Volume 2) in 1942, the same year that "Corporal Collins of the U.S. Army" won a trophy for the best rope magic effect of the I.B.M Convention in Fort Worth, TX. Over the next few years, "Professor Collins of Mecca Magic Studios" polished and refined his effect. He revealed the subtleties and special handling only to his students, and now two of them are ready to pass this information along so it won't be lost to magic.

In 1988 (we think!) Jim Gerrish made an instructional video that was used to teach his Wiz Kids about the effect. The video (an old VHS tape) languished under his front porch for years, and was finally dug out to make a DVD of many of the Rope Magic Tricks the Wiz Kids were taught. But the Panama Rope was only demonstrated on that DVD, not explained. You can see that demonstration in the Youtube version below.

Now you can learn the REAL secrets of how to perform this trick, just as Professor Collins performed it as the "Ambassador of Mystery."

You can also buy a viewing of the complete Wiz Kid Rope Magic Video HERE.


The REAL Panama Rope Mystery


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