The Hankerchief Box- Revisited

First, we delve into the various names and histories of this little used prop. Yes, this is the box formerly known as the Jap Hank Box, and for those who find that name somehow offensive, I apologize, but it is the name most magicians associate with it. It is not, however, either The Inexhaustible Box or the Japanese Inexhaustible Box described in Professor Hoffman’s 1876 Modern Magic, and this is the source of much confusion among magic historians. I will explain the difference, show you how to build different versions, and show you how to make Thayer's fanciful ad drawing displayed below actually happen in your hands.

As one disgruntled magician was to write in The Jinx (1941), “Maybe I am getting cranky on account of my arthritis, but it annoyed me to see a great big Jap Box used to vanish a single handkerchief.”

Many a magician, intrigued by the catalog pictures like the one above, was drawn in to buying one of these Hank Boxes, only to discover that it could only effectively conceal one or two thin silk handkerchiefs in its pathetically small load space. The box, in many cases, got pushed into the back of the magic closet where it has, no doubt, been collecting years of dust and a cobweb or two. Time to go digging for it and learn how to actually produce all that stuff in the catalog ad; or if you can't find it or never bought one, I will show you how to make an even smaller box that will produce just as much stuff as the bigger boxes. Furthermore, my box can be put in the hands of spectators for a special magical challenge effect in which they put some personal object of their own collective choice into the box and give it back to you, only to have you make it disappear, or have some other magical experience with your mysterious box.

My goal is that when you get done playing around with all of the different ideas in this e-Book, you will never think of your Handkerchief Box as a "handkerchief only" box again!


The Handkerchief Box


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