…or Expelling Demons of the Super-X Suspension
by Professor Spellbinder

This special 50 Page e-Book is only sold to those who already own a Super-X Illusion and who can prove it by e-mailing me a photo of themselves performing it (such as the photo of Qua-Fiki above). Then you will be instructed how to use PayPal to send the $15.00 to purchase this e-Book explaining how to X-orcise the Eight Demons of the Super-X that can ruin the illusion. magicnook@yahoo.com

In this e-Book I identify Eight* Demons to be Super X-orcised. I will go into the X-orcism of each, one after another.

1. Angle Demons
2. Support Demons
3. Center Pole Demons
4. Cover Demons
5. Balance Demons
6. Support Bar Demons
7. Lighting Demons
8. Construction Demons

*A Ninth Demon has been X-orcised in an addendum dated 6/20/15. That is the Floor Cover Demon.


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