The Principle of the Time Bomb

by Jim Gerrish, 11/9/01

OK, I admit it. It's a bluff and a device to make the book work and turn a dry theory into a little more interesting work of science fiction.

But remember, the physicists present at Los Alamos really weren't sure that the chain reaction would stop once it used up its nuclear fuel, so there is a good possibility that something like this would actually work. However, I have no idea if it could be done with nuclear explosions or not, and how many would be needed... thirty-three was a guess. But if Einstein could bluff by inserting the constant C into his equation, I guess I can bluff a bit, too! At least I'm sure I know why C is a constant.

What was inside Sam's colendar:

I'm sure it looked better than this. That represents 32 marbles clustered around a large central core and stuck together with play dough. The 32 locks were punched into the sides of the colendars, around the rims where they are joined together, 16 in each colendar. Each lock would connect a switch on a tiny computer chip, so that when all 32 locks are "on" a single signal is simultaneously sent to all 32 nuclear devices to trigger the explosion. One part of the story is absolutely true... the 32 fools who do this will be first to go.

However, the concept of our universe coming from some other time and space through a singularity is quite possibly correct, and so it may very well be possible to squeeze out new universes somewhen else from this one, as I stated, probably in the center of galaxies where there are many black holes clustered together.

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