Tissue Tear Super Hero Suit

The performer shows some colored sheets of tissue paper on both sides. A sheet of each color is given to a spectator, and the performer also has two sheets of each color. They each begin to tear up and fold their sheets with the spectator trying to duplicate everything the performer does, but the performer unfolds his sheets and displays a Super Hero cape that he places on the helper. Then he takes the paper the helper has been tearing and folding and performs a little "Super Hero Magic" by transforming the pieces into a Super Hero Mask. Now the new young Super Hero is ready for training (see the next chapter!).

This effect is guaranteed to generate a lot of publicity for you. No parent can resist taking a photo of the finished results when their child succeeds in making his super hero outfit "by magic!" Cell phones will have your photos buzzing around the globe seconds later! The young man in the above photos is Qua-Fiki's little brother, by the way, known as "Za-Fiki" to you mere mortals!



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