Hunt for a Super Villain

Chapter 2 turns a young helper from the audience into an "instant super-hero." At least, he looks like a super hero in his tissue paper cape and mask. Now you will give him the magic power he needs to seek out and find super villains. To practice his new super power, you give him "wanted posters" with the photos of eight (or so) different super villains that most kids who read comic books will recognize on sight. Just in case they don't recognize them, the names of the super villains are printed on the "wanted posters". The poster cards are placed face-down before the young super-hero helper and someone from the audience calls out the name of one of the super villains completely at random. With the aid of his magic "villain detector" the helper is able to locate the poster card of the chosen super villain to his amazement and the amazement of everyone watching.



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