Tarot Box

by Professor Eleazar Goodenough


The Wizard, almost as soon as he is introduced at a gathering, calls upon one of the company to be a Keeper, and hands that person an envelope of parchment that has a bright red wax seal on it.

Later on, as the Wizard is lecturing about the Tarot arcana, he brings out the wooden box that contains his Tarot deck. The Wizard dumps out all of the cards face down onto the table, and asks that one person act as a Seeker. That person is to seek out a single card without looking at the face of it and slide it over to the edge of the table. The Wizard holds the open Tarot Box at the edge of the table so the Seeker can slide the card right into the box, which is immediately closed and handed to the Seeker to guard.

Now the Wizard scoops up the rest of the cards and turns them over one by one as he attempts to identify the card chosen by the Seeker. From the Tarot, he learns that the Seeker is most likely to have chosen, for example, the seven of swords. The Seeker opens the box and removes his chosen card, showing that it is, indeed, the seven of swords.

At last the Wizard calls upon the Keeper to hand the sealed envelope to the Seeker who opens it, removes a parchment note and shows all the company that it reads "Seven of Swords" in nice calligraphic writing.

Tarot Box - $7.00

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