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Signed Card to Sealed Deck

by Professor Spellbinder

Ordinarily, I hate card tricks. I haven't let that stop me from creating a few, but to get me interested enough in working on it, it has to be really special. This one, that I published in 1999, is.

You have a spectator select a card from a brand new, sealed-in-cellophane, red-backed deck. The spectator signs across the face of the card. You do a couple of Ambitious Card bits, where the card is lost in the shuffled deck and finds its way back up to the top. I'll leave that up to you... that's the part I find boring, but I'll suggest some routines from the old magic books as usual.

The kicker comes when the card completely disappears from the deck and can't be found at all. You drop onto the table a blue-backed deck sealed in cellophane. The deck is opened by the spectator and spread out, backs up. In the middle of the spread is one red backed card.

You do a fancy flourish to flip all the cards over, trying not to lose them on the floor as always happens to me. I really should practice that move more often, but as I say, I hate card tricks. Anyway, you somehow flip the spread over and point out that the deck is still in order, since it was a brand new sealed deck. The spectator goes down the cards and locates what should be the duplicate blue-backed version of her card, but it just happens to be the red-backed signed card that was missing from the other deck and in the exact order it should be within a brand new deck. As an optional after thought, you may now find the blue-backed duplicate unsigned card in the red deck. If you have to do a card trick, do a real knockout, I always say.

An Addendum was attached to this e-Book on 1/20/12 to deal with the new style Bicycle boxes.

A second Addendum was added on 2/10/12 by Wiz Kid Qua-Fiki, who demonstrates how to perform the trick without wearing a suit jacket. As you can see in the demonstration video below, Qua-Fiki wears just a T-shirt when performing this effect.



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