Cauldron Capers
By Eleazar Goodenough

I found some tiny "party favor" cauldrons in the Dollar Store and got some of the Wiz Kids to brainstorm with me and come up with a bunch of uses for them just in time for Halloween. Some you can make and use right away, but others you'd better just work on for next Halloween. As a bonus, we came up with some ideas for the larger sized plastic cauldrons as well.

You can also find these small party favor cauldrons at party supply stores if they don't have them in your local Dollar Store.

The photo above shows you just two of the effects we came up with using the cauldrons and some Halloween candy. On the left is our version of the "Rice Bowls" using tiny cauldrons instead. Candy corn is used instead of rice. You fill one cauldron with candy corn, and the corn doubles in quantity. Then the candy corn diminishes. Finally you pour from the cauldron some fresh liquid "Witches Brew." The effect seems familiar, but the method is totally new. It can also be performed with the larger size "Trick or Treat" Cauldrons.

On the right, you see the start of our Cauldron Matrix using four cauldrons and some pumpkin candy which appears and disappears, then assembles under one cauldron. Unlike most matrix effects, the candy then spreads out again so there is just one piece under each cauldron as at the beginning.

We also have a Chop Cauldron effect, A Snake Cauldron Surprise, A Squirt Cauldron Surprise, A Miser's Dream with Pirate Gold, A Floating Cauldron, Shrinking Cauldron, Spider Cauldron Surprise and a Spirit Seance Cauldron. Ten effects in all, and we may throw in a few more Tricks as our Halloween Treat!



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