Double Dutch Loopers
By Professor Spellbinder

It is known by many names; Dutch Looper, Kitson’s Miracle, The Three Card Trick and perhaps others. Unlike the Three Card Monte, which uses three different and genuine (ungimmicked) playing cards and is accomplished by skill and sleight of hand, the Dutch Looper (can we settle on that name?) is a trick with a gimmick, played with two identical spot cards and a face card (usually king or queen). The trick usually ends with the performer showing three identical spot cards, front and back. My version eliminates some of the difficult moves of earlier versions, and some of the quirky "obvious" moves as well.

Patrick Page's routine and handling is about as good as they get, although others swear by Bob Sheet's Killer Kitson Miracle DVD.

I will leave the history of the trick for others to chase; it is as elusive as that queen in the middle that keeps vanishing. No one seems to know (or admit to knowing) who came up with the various names, who first gimmicked a card in the manner you are about to be shown, or how old the trick is (although most admit to it being “very old.”)

I will show you the results of my research on the Dutch Looper, how to make various versions of the gimmick (including a pitchman's version you can sell to "punters", and how to perform both the Patrick Page routine and Bob Sheet's routine with cleaner and easier moves. To see Bob Sheet's routine, you will need to purchase his DVD. The Patrick Page video is out of "print" and difficult to find, so we will rely on the YouTube video for some of the explanations... but using my own original moves instead of Pat's.

The Jumbo Stage Size version with my "Royal Finale" can be found HERE.



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