Jumbo Ultimate Monte and Stand
By Professor Spellbinder

Known as Michael Skinner’s Ultimate 3 Card Monte, written up by Mike Maxwell (1990), this effect in regular sized gaffed playing cards was based on an Eddie Taytelbaum routine called “Find the Ace” found in Dai Vernon’s Ultimate Secrets of Card Magic, compiled by Lewis Ganson (1967). Michael Skinner worked out cleaner handling and created a masterpiece of mystery and simplicity. In 1995, I converted the cards to Ultra Jumbo Sizes (7” x 10”) and discovered that the routine could be used on stage with the addition of a stand to hold the cards upright, instead of laying them on a table as one does for close-up. While I was at it, I created a deceptive clear Plexiglas stand that allowed me to display the cards on both sides before and after the effect, showing each card separately and apparently un-gaffed. This e-Book describes both the stand and the routine I devised for using the stage sized cards, plus gives you templates for making the Ultra Jumbo Cards on your computer printer.

MORE Qua-Fiki Demo Videos are HERE.

Wiz Kid Qua-Fiki performs Eddie Taytelbaum's Ultimate Monte using Jumbo Stage Sized cards and a Table-Mate II that tilts down towards the audience, allowing you to sit and show the trick at the same time.

Jim Gerrish came up with an envelope switch that may appeal more to those who require portability and don’t want to build and set up a table stand to convince the audience that the cards are normal. It has been included as an addendum to this e-Book. It requires a couple of 9" by 12" manilla envelopes to make the deceptive envelope. It optionally makes use of a "Tray-Mate II" portable table that makes a convenient slanting performing surface for the trick in front of any large audience. Wiz-Kid Qua-Fiki figured out that you could even sit behind the table to perform it on stage in comfort. He also added some subtleties to the envelope that makes it even more deceptive, plus a bill switch so the spectator can play for money... YOUR money! Purchasers of the effect can request access to Wiz Kid Qua-Fiki's video explanation of how it all works.

Please note: you are only purchasing the plans and directions for making this effect yourself. You get templates for printing the ultra jumbo cards on your own computer printer, diagrams and instructions for making the Plexiglas stand or the manilla envelope from easily obtainable parts, and instructions and suggestions for performing the effect. This is an e-Book which is e-mailed to you.



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