ABC Block Production Boxes
by Professor Spellbinder


Effect: A set of alphabet blocks are shown to be three empty boxes nested together. Each box is shown empty before they are stacked up, one on top of the other. Then, from the smallest box is produced a large load of production items. One of the items produced is a clown hand puppet large enough to fill the small box on its own. The puppet is given to a child from the audience to hold while each of the other block boxes is magically emptied of more production surprises. From the other boxes are produced various silks and curtains which attach to a PVC pipe frame, creating a small puppet theatre that the helper can use to show off the clown puppet, as you continue to produce flowers and other props that a clown puppet might use to entertain (like a squawk horn, squirt flower, etc.). Finally, you produce a huge "Circus Tent" silk that is hung as a backdrop behind everything.

The boxes are finally emptied of all their “treasures.” Now the clown puppet is made to disappear from the hands of the helper. Suddenly, it pops up, like a Jack-In-The-Box from the smallest block box.

The theme can vary from a Santa's Workshop theme at Christmas, to a Circus Theme for the rest of the year, and you can use it as your entire act by producing other magic props from it, or as a super grand finale.

You can find the boxes, unpainted and ungimmicked (naturally!) at a Hobby Lobby Craft Store near you, or online HERE. The boxes will cost you some $47 plus shipping, etc. if you order online. Then, if you hurry, you have from now until next Christmas to paint the boxes, varnish the boxes, and gimmick the boxes in ways that I show you, to make the most delightful production prop you have ever owned. Then you'll also have time to gather the production items together from various sources that are given you in the e-Book. In all, it may cost you $150 - $200 to collect it all, but you can do it bit by bit instead of all at once.

The Clown Puppet shown in the photo, makes a nice "Jack In The Box" character, but you can see that it might become an Elf, a Monkey, a Teddy Bear, a Bunny... whatever fits your theme and your style. Best of all, you'll end up with something no other magician has because no two will ever be exactly alike. No black art, no mirrors, none of the usual methods.



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