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Qua-Fiki's "In THEIR Hands Dye-Version"
by Wiz Kid Qua-Fiki

Ever since I learned the sponge ball trick, I always liked to make magic happen in the spectator’s hands rather than in my own hands. It always seems more magical, and I like the fun of “accusing” them of doing the magic and “fooling me.” That’s my approach to this version of the Duke Stern Dye-Version effect. The spectators do everything themselves with minimum handling by me.

Effect: Three helpers form paper tubes and stuff different colored handkerchiefs (silks) into them as I demonstrate with a fourth tube and silk handkerchief. All the tubes are now put into the hands of the spectators when I take my magic "tweezers" and make the handkerchiefs vanish from three of the tubes. The fourth tube still has its handkerchief, and the helper holding it uses the tweezers to pull some of the silk out of each end of the tube. The big surprise is when two other helpers continue pulling the silk from the tube and it turns out to be a long silk streamer with all of the colors of the rainbow. This makes a great "photo opportunity" ending for any show.



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