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by Professor Spellbinder

More deceptive than "No Chance Dice" or the dice sold with "Always a Winner", with Professor Spellbinder's Die-Confundus, the spectator gets to choose which die to roll and handles the die throughout the routines without discovering the secret of Die-Confundus. You will never run out of a commercial source for these dice because you can make these dice yourself following our simple directions, or you can order them ready-made from our special resources or from us using PayPal (see below).

Several routine scenarios are given in the e-Book, including Spellbinder's "Bank Robbery," which he purposely left out of his "Banker's Dream" e-Book for use with his Die-Confundus. You can also use Die-Confundus dice to improve any of the "No Chance Dice" routines, or with "Always a Winner," or Max Maven's "Just Chintz," if you wish.

No Dice Included



Video Demonstration by Wiz Kid Qua-Fiki
Using his Desk Organizer Switch Box

Die-Confundus by Professor Spellbinder from James Gerrish on Vimeo.




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