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by Wiz Kid Qua-Fiki

Qua-Fiki designed this to use in Professor Spellbinder's "Bank Robbery" routine described in Die-Confundus, but it has many more uses than that. The mentalist will find uses for it any time a switch is needed of envelopes, playing cards (including Tarot cards), photos, business cards, etc. The Desk Organizer holds your pens, glue sticks, rubber bands, paper for billets, and because you build it yourself, it can hold whatever else you want to design into it. The central box part contains the easy to construct switching parts. Qua-Fiki's first box, shown in the photo below, was made out of cardboard, but it is easily made out of craft wood, hardboard (photo above) or thin plywood once you've made a prototype and understand the simple workings.

You will also find that the Desk Organizer Switch Box can be used with many of the Bank Night plots found in Banker's Dream.

Qua-Fiki demonstrates one of the uses for his Desk Organizer in his video for Professor Spellbinder's Die-Confundus.



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