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Big, Bad Bunnies
by Wiz Kid Qua-Fiki

The plot is Tenkai's Homing Card, but the method is pure Qua-Fiki, and no difficult sleight of hand is required. The eight bunnies used are still their happy-go-lucky game-playing selves, but their game keeps getting interrupted by the Big Bad Wolf from "another" story. Again and again he reappears in their midst just as the audience is trying to choose one of the bunnies to be "IT." Finally, the wolf is caged where he can't do any harm, but the bunny chosen to be IT can no longer be found, and all eight bunnies end up on the same card waving their ears at the audience. As for the Big Bad Wolf, he escapes at the end.

This is designed to be as flexible as possible, so each magician will probably perform it differently depending on the ages of the audience and show circumstances. You can choose to perform it with just four bunny cards (and four wolf transformations), or use up to eight bunny cards and up to eight wolf transformations, or combinations in-between to suit your needs. The video below demonstrates the effect performed with eight cards and five wolf transformations.

Print the cards yourself using your computer, or you can buy a deck of jumbo cards professionally manufactured and put together for you by Qua-Fiki.

Wiz Kid Qua-fiki's Big, Bad Bunnies from James Gerrish on Vimeo.

Professionally Made Jumbo Cards as shown in above illustrations and video
are available below and are as described in detail within the e-Book.
No instructions come with the cards- everything you need to know is in the e-Book.

$30.00 Postpaid in the USA

Big,Bad Bunnies Card Set with 3 regular card boxes.
Cards and boxes are gimmicked as described in the e-Book.

$35.00 Postpaid outside the USA


$4.00 Postpaid

3 Extra Card Boxes used for making the Magic Card Boxes
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