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Wooden Card Box
by Professor Spellbinder

Buy an inexpensive wooden box from your local craft store, Dollar Store, or from Amazon.

When your box arrives, paint it, decorate it and then you need this e-Book of magical things you can do with it. I have effects for use with the boxes just as they arrive from the factory (ungimmicked), as well as some simple ways to gimmick the boxes for a variety of other tricks.



Sure Shot Card Through Glass
by Professor Spellbinder

You'll need to order a glass-bottom tray or a clear plastic bottom tray from your local gift store, Dollar Store, or Amazon.

When you follow the directions from this e-Book to decorate the clear bottom of the tray with a target, here's what you can do with it to make it magical.

Effect: A clear bottom tray with a target is shown to the audience. The magician puts his face behind the target as a joke, then removes a deck of playing cards from his pocket and spreads them out on the tray. A spectator freely chooses a playing card and signs his or her name across the front. The card is shuffled back into the deck. Holding the clear-bottom tray vertically like a target, you show the spectator how to shoot the cards up against the bottom of the tray. The signed chosen card visibly appears on the tray... but wait! It's not on top of the tray, but behind the tray! The card penetrates the glass or plastic of the tray and ends up on the back where it can be seen through the etched-on target.



Christmas Lights from Mouth
by Professor Spellbinder

Effect: You produce a small (3 foot or so) Christmas tree and plug it in to display the multi-color LED Christmas lights. Then, showing both hands completely empty, you begin plucking the lights from the tree and putting them into your mouth.

After “eating” all the lights on the tree, once again you show your hands empty and reach up to your mouth to produce a full six-foot string of 18 Christmas multi-color lights from your mouth.

Next, you vanish the string of lights and they suddenly reappear all lit up on the Christmas tree once more.



Dracula's Coffin
by Chris Dunn

Chris Dunn is an old friend and customer of The Magic Nook but a new contributor. We welcome his first effect to The Wizards' Journals and hope he will send us many more of his clever "do-it-yourself magic" ideas to share with you.

Dracula's Coffin is a close-up or table-hopper's "mini-illusion," and can be built from ready-made parts found in craft stores, or it is easily made from Balsa or Basswood.

The craft store coffin contains Dracula drawn on a wooden paddle. You show Dracula on both sides of the paddle. In the lid of the coffin is a mirror. When you hold the paddle up to the mirror, the spectator can still see Dracula on the side of the paddle towards him, but on the reflected side, Dracula casts no reflection.



Holiday Die Box
by Chris Dunn

Chris Dunn is an old friend and customer of The Magic Nook but a new contributor. We welcome his creative effects to The Wizards' Journals and hope you enjoy both building them and performing them.

The Holiday Die Box is a children's show prop for platform or stage that can be built from hardboard, "masonite," Balsa or Basswood. Its main feature is that it can be quickly re-decorated for Halloween or Christmas shows, and with a little creative thinking, you can easily add more themes following Chris' example.



Spider Ouija
by Professor Spellbinder

I have been having a lot of fun with a glass (or plastic) bottom tray made with an Ouija design for the clear bottom. I had some of my Magic Nook helpers dig around in my attic for my old seance materials and set them up for me in my parlor, and by gum and by gosh, they work beautifully with the glass Ouija... better than they ever did with the wooden board, in fact. So I've been rewriting my notes and am ready to present... from out of the past with technology from the present... the Spider Ouija.



Vanishing Hand-Puppet House
by Professor Spellbinder

The problem with most vanishing puppet props is that they first require you to take the hand-puppet off your hand before it vanishes, which is an awkward moment for both you and the puppet. It would be much nicer to have the puppet “alive” right up to the moment it vanishes, and perhaps even after it vanishes. That's what happens with this Vanishing Hand-Puppet House. Because it is a little house, this prop seems more puppet-friendly than a cage or a plain box. Your hand-puppet begins to explore it, crawling inside and waving to the audience before it mysteriously vanishes and the house is taken apart piece by piece (by you or a helper from the audience) with no sign of it! It reappears later just to let the kids know that it is "all right."



Curtains Box
by Chris Dunn

Chris has developed a small box decorated with curtains that can be used to make any small beanbag animal or doll appear or disappear. The box is made from foamboard or hardboard or even thin plywood, and held together with duct tape because it folds flat to prove it is empty. If you make two boxes, the bean bag animal or doll can penetrate through a solid sheet of glass or plastic from one box to the other. Other routines and ideas from both Chris and Spellbinder are included.



The NEW Santa Blocks Trick
by Wiz Kid Wilhelmina

Based on James Lucien's original 1949 Skeleton In The Closet, this version adapted by Wiz Kid Wilhelmina has some new and original surprises. It begins with solid white blocks. Then the face, body and feet of Santa appear on the blocks. When dropped through a tube decorated like a chimney, the pieces never line up correctly. So Wilhelmina vanishes the head block in a new vanishing gift box she invented herself. Finally Santa's head is where it belongs on the stack of blocks and the chimney is now shown empty... wait a minute, something is stuck inside... it's Santa's magic sack and it's filled with Christmas candy treats for the audience... another new surprise from Wilhelmina.



Easy to Make Gifts
for Magicians

by Professor Spellbinder

This Mickey Mouse Watch is currently selling for $30.00. I added four silks and a small amount of work to turn it into an excellent "Timed Twentieth Century" effect first described by Len Belcher in 1980, but brought up to date by me, and sent back in time by the Mickey Mouse Watch gift. I made it as a gift for a magician friend who frequently is looking for MC bits. This e-Book contains a total of five easy to convert gifts that will be much appreciated by your magician friends for Christmas, birthdays, magic club awards, and so on. Oh, all right, perhaps you deserve such a gift for yourself as well!



Tricky Stickies
by Professor Spellbinder

The Sticker Scenes come from Oriental Trading Company (OTC), but the Magic that makes them Tricky Stickies comes from this e-Book. You begin with an envelope that contains an empty background scene and a separate sheet filled with stickers. You end up by having the stickers magically fly from the sticker sheet over to the background sheet. What happens in between can be "the magician in trouble" where nothing goes right and the kids have to fix it by magic, OR "the magician doesn't see what the kids all see" until the very end, OR you tell a magical story with aid from the kids, and the picture matches the story. All three entertaining effects are covered in this e-Book. You can use any of the Sticker Scenes from OTC, winter, seasonal, educational (history-science-nature), or religious. At the end, if you wish, you can turn over the finished scene to the parent, teacher, librarian or special child, with no clue as to how the magic happened except in their memories. You can also make your own sticker scenes from scratch, following our directions and using your own computer printer.

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