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The Wiz Kids, Inc. was established in 1980. More information about the group is HERE.

Wiz Kid Members are given lessons in magic (conjuring) based on the "Best of the Best" Philosophy of Jim Gerrish. No time is wasted on kiddie "beginner magic" but they are immersed in learning only the very best in each magic category. Each lesson is filled with historic references leading back to where each trick began, where Wiz Kids can learn more about that type of magic, etc. but the lesson itself challenges them to learn a professional quality magic effect, perform it successfully at least three times in public, and then continue learning more advanced versions up to an amazing climax. Along the way, they learn magic history, magic thinking and techniques from the best professional and experienced magicians in the world, and learn to make their own tricks, props and gimmicks from inexpensive materials, and buy difficult to make magic materials from inexpensive magic sources.

The following lessons are not in any particular order. A Wiz Kid is attracted to magic tricks that he or she finds of personal interest, for whatever reason, and the educational journey starts there. Wiz Kids are encouraged to learn a variety of tricks to create a balanced magic show that can be used for any audience. Book One covers the Best of the Best in card magic, coin magic, rope and washer (ring) magic, paper bag magic, ball magic, silk handkerchief magic, mental magic,dollar bill magic, liquid magic, and pet (livestock) magic. Each lesson begins with an easy to learn and easy to perform trick, then progresses to a more difficult version, and ends with an advanced magic version that you would expect to see only from a professional experienced magician.

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Double Deck Card Magic

The Wiz Kid is taught a three part routine using two decks of cards with different color backs. Chosen cards are made to jump from a spectator's hand to the deck, from red deck to blue deck and back again, and in a surprising and unexpected finale the two decks merge into one red/blue deck while in the hands of the spectator.

During the process of learning each separate part of the routine, the Wiz Kid learns: Who is Al Schneider? Shuffles and Cuts, False Counts, Pinky Break, Double Lift, Flipping a Spread, Outjogging a Card, Using Suggestion and superstition, Learning and using Patter, a simple Card Force, Spectator Management and Control, Misdirection, Gaffed Cards, Card splitting, Deck Switches and Vanishes, Card Fans and Fanning Powder. That seems like a lot for one routine, but it is broken into three parts, each of which must be mastered and performed as a separate effect before linking up the three parts to make one complete final routine. If a 10-year-old can master this, so can you!



Silver and Gold

Wiz Kids, like all kids, have trouble holding onto coins to use for performing magic, and their pocket change gets "accidentally" spent on other stuff that seems more important at the time. My solution for that is to teach them coin magic using plastic silver and gold coins that can't be spent. Later on, they can transfer what they learned for use with real coins ... or just keep on using the plastic coins. The audience does not have to know the coins are plastic because they can be made to sound like real metal coins if you know the secret. With real silver dollars currently selling for around $15.00, and real gold dollar coins selling for $1,500.00, it's a relief to know that these plastic coins can be bought by the bagful for a buck or two. 1 - Silver to Gold in Spectator's hand; 2 - Multiplying Silver and Gold coins; 3 - Ping Pong Coins Across from Hand to Hand; 3A- Alternate Ending - Gold & Silver Matrix Using 4 coins and 2 cards. Variations using Chinese coins and Poker Chips are also included. Who is Martin Chapender, anyway? And who is Han Ping Chien? Lots to learn!


April 3, 2020
Wow! I wanted to relearn coin magic, and this is a tremendous resource. I actually have copper/silver coins and shells, so this will keep me busy.
I purchased this just to see what was included and was pleasantly surprised.
I am almost always completely satisfied with my purchases from The Magic Nook.
Dave Birtwell



Ropes and Washers

This Lesson on Rope and Washer Penetrations starts with some easy tricks that can be mastered by a beginner, but advances quickly to a rope penetration and escape worthy of Houdini.

Any rings could be used, but these large metal washers are large enough to be seen and heard, and heavy enough to make their presence known. They are also easily colored with spray paint and are about the size of dollar coins, and so coin magic sleights work well with them.

Arturo, Ralph Hull, Eddie Joseph, G.W. Hunter, and Stewart James are just a few of the old time magician's names to be cited and learned. The escape is based on one by The Amazing Randi.



Mental Magic

This began with an effect by Tony Corinda as performed by Wiz Kid Brian who became our first Wiz Kid Mentalist in 1979. Mentalist Bob Cassidy was one of our early Wiz Kid trustees in 1982 and enjoyed teaching the eager new Wiz Kids his mentalist techniques and tricks. Ted Collins was also an early trustee and passed along some of his mental magic to the Wiz Kids. Also includes mental magic from Steve Duschek. Categories of Mental Magic include: Mind Reading, Predictions, Sensing Past Events, Detecting Auras, Facilitating Mental Powers in Spectators, Communication with Spirits.

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The Wiz Kids Present:
Rope Magic
This Video is made from an old (mid 1980's) analog videotape kept in storage under Wiz Kid Jim Gerrish's front porch and recently "re-discovered" and converted into a Vimeo Video format. The quality of the image is fuzzy, but the magic is not. The Wiz Kids have always taught their members "The Best of the Best," not wasting valuable time on the rest. This is all material that the Wiz Kids could USE in their shows, so it is all practical working stuff. $10.00. On payment to PayPal you will be sent instructions of how to locate the video and passcodes to operate it.
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The Wiz Kids Present:
Jokes for Wiz Kid Jugglers
This e-Book by Wiz Kid Jim contains all the jokes, jinks, bits of business, juggling magic and more that have been used by Wiz Kid Jugglers in the past and right up to the present. Not just for Wiz Kids, this will be of value to anyone who juggles. If you don't find something you can use as a juggler, Wiz Kid Jim will eat his chocolate Easter Bunny's hat! 38 pages. $5.00 delivered by return e-mail from PayPal. What have you got to lose except your sense of humor?

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