Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Milk Pitcher

by Professor Spellbinder

Before you buy any Dollar Store instructions, go to your local Dollar Store (Quid Store in the U.K.) and make sure you can get the ingredients. Not all Dollar Stores are alike and you may have to hunt through several to find just what you need to make these magic props.

We show you how to make your own Magic Milk Pitcher using a glass or plastic pitcher from the Dollar Store and a bottle of soda or shampoo. Don't buy anything until you get the instructions, but do go looking for a nice clear glass pitcher or a clear plastic pitcher. Once you've located them, if you are still enthusiastic about the project, send for the instructions and then we'll explain how to actually go shopping to buy exactly the right kind of pitcher you need and try it out for size in the store right under the noses of the baffled clerks. If it all fits, the ingredients should cost you a buck for the Milk Pitcher and another buck for the gimmick.

Our instructions will guide you through fitting the two items together to make a Magic Milk Pitcher that vanishes milk, but once we have started you down the road to DIY magic, you may just find you want to keep going and make our BONUS Foo Can to make milk or water (or a raw egg) vanish, AND/ORa Lota bowl to make liquids appear, AND/OR a Ghost Tube for a small production of silks. You can even make your own Multum In Parvo set of plastic Dollar Store glasses if you can find everything in the various sizes you will need. For that you'll need some more gimmicks plus one easy to get gimmicked gimmick. You'll also need some plastic waterproof glue. It's all explained in the instructions.

DIY Milk Pitcher $7.00

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