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Before you buy any of these Dollar Store instructions, go to your local Dollar Store (Quid Store in the U.K.) and make sure you can get the ingredients. Not all Dollar Stores are alike and you may have to hunt through several to find just what you need to make these magic props. To find out what you need to buy for each effect, click on the "Info" button or the photo beside each item. In the USA, the last REAL Dollar Store is called "Dollar Tree" and that's where all of these Halloween inspirations were born. If your local Dollar Tree Store doesn't have these items, try searching their on-line store:

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Click on the pictures or the INFO buttons for a brief description of the effect from the article.
Please note: There are NO refunds on magical secrets.
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Nest of Coffins
by Jim Gerrish

Nesting Boxes have a long history in magic. These coffin shaped nesting boxes come in three types - nesting Vampires, nesting Mummies, and nesting Skeletons. Take your pick or make all of them. The nests of coffin shaped boxes become magical when you borrow a small object from someone (like a finger ring, a coin, a dollar bill, etc.), make it disappear, and then discover it inside the smallest coffin shaped box of the nest. There are different routines for each of the three types. Dollar Tree SOURCE. Easy to make; requires some sleight of hand skills to perform.



Wee-Gee Mat
by Jim Gerrish

You will need more than one Dollar Store item for this effect, and might have to spend a bit more than a couple of bucks to make a deluxe version. Beside using a mat, you can also have the Wee-Gee Design on a plate. Instead of the usual Ouija planchette, we'll be using a pendulum to talk to the spirits in the old fashioned letter-by-letter way. Various sources will be given in the e-Book. Requires a bit of effort to make and some magic skills to perform.



Pumpkin Box Production
by Jim Gerrish

The box is made from 3 ring binder covers (you'll need 5 binders). The sides are held together with duct tape or gaffers' tape, so the box folds flat and opens up to make the production. Production can be made from the top and bottom of the box, as well as through the Jack O'Lantern eyes, nose and mouth in all sides. The box Jim is holding in the photo cost $10.00 plus tax for materials and took one afternoon to construct in his outdoor backyard workshop.

SOURCE for Box Parts. Kitchen Workshop Construction - no power tools needed. Easy to perform.



Haunted House Copenetro
by Jim Gerrish

"Copenetro" was the name given to a Bob Kline USA pirated (1947) version of a coin effect invented by British magician Jack Hughes in 1937. It was a catchier name than the one given it by Hughes ("Visible Coins in Glass") so that name seems to have stuck. Our "poor man's" version (not pirated) takes place in a Dollar Tree Cardboard Box shaped like a haunted house, and the vanished four to six coins (ordinary quarters) noisily appear one-by-one in an empty sealed glass salt shaker (also a Dollar Tree purchase) trapped inside the house. SOURCE for house box. SOURCE for shakers. Easy to make; requires sleight of hand skills to perform.



Creepy Hands and Spiders
by Jim Gerrish

Skeleton Tong hands are creepy enough. Add some creepy crawly spiders and give everyone goosebumps. Now what can we do with these? Renfield's Dream, for one. Remember him? He liked catching tasty live insects and eating them in the Dracula movies. A Chinese Stick effect also comes to mind.

SOURCE for skeleton tongs. SOURCE for spiders. Easy to make; requires practice skills to perform.



Floating Blinky Ball
by Jim Gerrish

This is a smaller version of my Floating Beachballs, from The Wizards' Journal #29, which can be rigged as a Halloween porch illusion, or for use in a more close-up and intimate setting. These four inch diameter balls from Dollar Tree light up brightly, and I have recently solved the problem of battery replacements. Dollar Tree SOURCE. Easy to make; requires some magic skills to perform.



Chatty Rat Skeleton
by Jim Gerrish

The Chatty Rat "comes to life" and answers questions, carries on a rat chat, sings rat songs, and leaves behind some rat droppings when the act is over. Versions for ventriloquists and for non-ventriloquists are included. Other chatty skeletons are also available. Dollar Tree SOURCE. Easy to make; easy to operate.



Fade Frame
by Jim Gerrish

This frame can be made in any size up to 11" x 14" from Dollar Tree items and it may require more than one item to complete the frame to your satisfaction. It can be used with playing cards of all sizes, including giant cards (for more than a buck, but still pretty inexpensive), with photos, maps, diagrams, etc. For some mysterious reason (you provide the mysterious reason with your story-telling skills) the items slowly appear within this frame. They can be removed from the frame after materializing, or they can fade away into nothingness again... your choice. Various sources are given in the e-Book. Requires a bit of effort to make and some magic skills to perform.



Multiplying Eyeballs
by Jim Gerrish

You probably know the traditional multiplying ball trick, and while you CAN turn these ping-pong ball sized eyeballs into a set of THOSE, you can also learn how to perform the trick with pure sleight of hand and have eyeballs appearing from everywhere imaginable. Dollar Tree SOURCE. Easy to make; requires some sleight of hand skills to perform.



Halloween Light Strings
by Jim Gerrish

Strings of battery powered lights make good production items, but also make good magic tricks on their own. Consider taking individual pumpkin lights, blowing them out, swallowing them, and then making them appear from your mouth all lighted and attached to a string. Years ago, that effect would have cost a lot more than a buck! Dollar Tree SOURCE. Requires some electric and soldering skills to make; requires some sleight of hand skills to perform.

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