Greater Magic: A Practical Treatise On Modern Magic
by John Northern Hilliard

His Manuscripts and Notes Edited by Carl W. Jones and Jean Hugard.
Illustrations by Harlan Tarbell
1938 Carl Waring Jones
Published Carl Waring Jones, Privately Printed for Professional and Amateur Magicians, Minneapolis

Pages: Effects: Inventors
21 The Fan "Steal" Jack Lathrop
34 3. A "Side-Steal" Location Paul Le Paul
36 7. Another Push Location Tom Sellers
51 Fourth Method (With Both Hands) Dr. James Elliott
52 Sid Lorraine Addition Sid Lorraine
52 Dai Vernon Subtlety Dai Vernon
55 Sixth Method (Crimp and Table Spread) Ted Annemann
57 Jack Merlin Crimp Technique Jack Merlin
57 Jack Merlin Wax Technique Jack Merlin
57 Seventh Method (The "Snap" Crimp) John Scarne
59 Scarne Ridge Technique John Scarne
61 1. Nicking the Edge of a Card  
62 Ben Erens Technique Ben Erens
62 Luis Zingone Technique Luis Zingone
63 Henry Gordien Pencil Technique Henry Gordien
66 4. The Daub Location (Lead-Pencil Dust aka Graphite) Dr. James William Elliott … after Robert-Houdin
67 A Problem in Plumbago Al Baker
72 Ace-Cutting (John Scarne) John Scarne
72 Daub Application with Cardcase (Dai Vernon) Dai Vernon
74 A Problem in the Fourth Dimension (Paul Rosini) Paul Rosini
80 Celluloid Key Card Alfred Caroselli
81 Reversed Key Card U.F. Grant
88 3. The Improved Odd and Even Location Charles T. Jordan
92 "Experiment in Mind Reading" John Northern Hilliard
93 Jardin Ellis Reducing Mirror Jardine Ellis
105 The Story of the "Slick Ace  
110 Simonized Card Ralph W. Hull
112 Third Method Frank Lane
115 Dai Vernon Handling Dai Vernon
120 Mutus, Nomen, Dectit, Cocis John Northern Hilliard … after Rupert Slater
129 The Problem of the Three Coins (Mahendra Presentation) Frank B. Sterling
136 The Problem of the Four Aces S.S. Blodgett
139 The Problem of the Three Poker Chips Frank B. Sterling
142 The Twenty-Five Card Trick S.Leo Horowitz
145 The Mystery of the Penthouse S.Leo Horowitz
150 The Incomprehensible Divination Al Baker
153 Another Baker Twist to the Old Ten-Card Trick Al Baker
154 Magic Number Revealment R.W. Hull
164 Overhand Shuffle Positioning of Four Cards Dai Vernon
167 la. By Means of the Overhand Shuffle G.W. Hunter
171 3. The Haymow or Charlier False Shuffle Charlier
176 d. Three Cuts (Arthur Finley) Arthur Finley
191 S. Leo Horowitz Finesse S. Leo Horowitz
191 The Force  
192 Advice on the Classic Force  
193 Contingency Correction (Stanley Collins) Stanley Collins
195 The Handkerchief Force (Jean Hugard) Jean Hugard
196 Forcing Cards Behind the Back (John Scarne) John Scarne
197 A Card Force (Stewart Judah, H. Adrian Smith) Stewart Judah & H. Adrian Smith
198 A Psychological Force  
198 To Force the Number 9  
199 For Forcing One of Two Cards or Piles on the Table  
199 A Psychological Force  
199 Modern Methods of Palrning Cards  
199 An Imperceptible Method of Palming the Top Card  
200 1. The Top Card, One Hand Only (Judson Cole, Jean Hugard) Judson Cole & Jean Hugard
201 2. The Top Card with Left Hand Only (Prof. Morris Lowey) Prof. Morris Lowey
202 3. Palming One Card (Tenkai Ishida) Tenkai Ishida
203 4. A Number of Cards (Left Thumb Push-Up)  
203 Holding a Break in the Pack  
204 1. The Base of the Thumb (Greek) Break  
204 2. With the First Joint of the Middle Finger (Flesh Break)  
204 One-Hand Pass from Flesh Break on the Deal  
205 3. Holding the Break After the Peek (S. Leo Horowitz) S. Leo Horowitz
206 Switching the Pack (Capt. J.E. Stone) Capt. J.E. Stone
206 I. Using a Well in the Table  
206 II. Using a Hat and Blindfold  
207 III. Using a Handkerchief and Coat Pocket  
207 IV. Using a Cardcase and Coat Pocket  
207 V. To Exchange Decks During a Trick (Two Methods)  
208 VI. Using a Prepared Cardcase  
209 Final Observations and Caution  
209 Dealing Seconds  
209 One Hand  
209 a. Dealing Face Upwards  
210 b. Dealing Face Downwards  
210 By Means of a Faked Card (Dai Vernon) Dai Vernon
211 The Bottom Deal  
211 With One Hand  
211 a. Dealing Face Upwards  
212 b. Dealing Face Downwards  
212 Chosen Card at any Number  
212 Flourishes  
212 The Tenkai Color Change (Tenkai Ishida) Tenkai Ishida
213 The Horowitz Color Change (S. Leo Horowitz) S. Leo Horowitz
214 The Fan Steal (S. Leo Horowitz) S. Leo Horowitz
215 Reversing Whole Pack-First Method  
216 Reverse Sleight  
216 Second Method  
217 A Fan Reverse  
218 The Elbow Catch  
218 A Card Juggle  
219 Passing a Card Through the Crown of a Derby Hat  
219 A True Cut with One Hand  
220 A Flourish Count (Dai Vernon) Dai Vernon
223 New Finishes for Card Tricks  
223 1. Card Dropping (Ted Annemann) Ted Annemann
224 2. Adaptation of the "Spring" Flourish  
224 Card Under the Napkin (Henry Gordien) Henry Gordien
225 A Card Changes in the Spectator's Hand  
226 Revealed by Fire  
226 The Spectator Does it All  
227 A Mental Discovery  
227 First Method (by Dealing)  
228 Second Method (by Spelling)  
229 Third Method-The Lie Detector (W. Fred. Heaman) W. Fred. Heaman
230 Card Through a Hat  
231 The Flying Card (Nate Leipzig) Nate Leipzig
231 Card in the Matchbox  
232 A Master Card Trick (Max Holden) Max Holden
234 The Three Pile Trick (C.W. Jones) C.W. Jones
237 The Salt Trick  
237 A Good Impromptu Trick  
237 A Self Working Trick (Wm. H. McCaffrey) Wm. H. McCaffrey
239 A "Think Stop" Trick (J.N. Hilliard) J.N. Hilliard
239 Trick with Two Packs  
240 A Joker Trick  
241 A Few Words Anent the Joker  
241 The Aces and the Criminal  
242 Obedient Cards  
242 Final Suggestions  
243 The Fadeaway Cards  
246 A Miracle Discovery  
248 The New Torn Corner Card (Al Saal) Al Saal
251 The Stabbed Card. New Version (Capt. J.E. Stone) Capt. J.E. Stone
253 Card in Pocket. I  
256 Card in Pocket. II (Wm. H. McCaffrey) Wm. H. McCaffrey
256 Two Card Location (Paul Rosini) Paul Rossini
258 Saliva Sorcery. I (Paul Rosini) Paul Rossini
260 Saliva Sorcery. II (Paul Rosini) Paul Rossini
261 The Magic Thrust. I  
262 The Magic Thrust. II. (Al Baker) Al Baker
264 The Magic Thrust. III (Ted Annemann) Theodore Annemann
265 Relativity and Cards (Annemann, Hugard) Anneman & Hugard
267 Two Card Reverse  
269 The "Impossible" Location (George Kaplan) George Kaplan
270 "You Do as I Do"  
271 A. The Sympathetic Cards  
272 B. A Second Example with a Prearranged Deck  
275 C. Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, Part I  
277 Part II  
278 D. Variation Without the Use of a Waxed Card  
279 E. Domination of Thought  
280 Variation  
280 An Effective Follow Up  
281 F. The "J.N. Hilliard" Method J.N. Hilliard
281 Do As I Do (Rolland Hamblen) Rolland Hamblen
283 Prearrangement of Packs  
283 The Five Card Problem (George Kaplan) George Kaplan
285 A Brain Teaser (George Kaplan) George Kaplan
286 Modern Long Distance Mind Reading (George Kaplan) George Kaplan
287 A Test Discovery (Dr. Buell) Dr. Buell
289 The Up-to-Date Prophet  
290 "Tearing the Pack" Trick  
291 A Spirit Writes (John Mulholland) John Mulholland
292 Tricks with Two Decks; Red and Blue  
292 The Migrating Cards (Al Baker) Al Baker
293 "And the Spectator Blew" (Jean Hugard) Jean Hugard
295 Color Changing Backs (Wm. H. McCaffrey) Wm. H. McCaffrey
297 Poker Tricks Section  
297 A Poker Deal (Frank Lane) Frank Lane
298 Unique Bridge and Poker Deal (Wm. H. McCaffrey) Wm. H. McCaffrey
303 The Perfect Poker Trick  
305 The Four Ace Deal (Wm. W. Larsen) Wm. W. Larsen
306 A Maneuver for Stud Poker (Glimpse)  
307 A Si Stebbins System Wrinkle  
307 Two Card Monte with the Torn Corner Added  
308 Card Mouthful (John Scarne) John Scarne
309 I. Impromptu Method with Ordinary Cards (Lawrence Gray) Lawrence Gray
311 II. Prearranged Cards  
311 1. The T. Nelson Downs Speller  
313 2. Spell It Yourself (Ted Annemann) Theodore Annemann
315 III. Spelling a Card Merely Thought Of  
315 1. Commander Slayton's Method  
317 2. J. N. Hilliard's Method J.N. Hilliard
318 IV. Spelling a Number of Cards After a Genuine Shuffle  
319 1. Charles T. Jordan's Method Charles T. Jordan
320 2. A Card Fairy Tale and Automatic Spelling (Jean Hugard) Jean Hugard
322 V. Special Pack  
322 The "Perfect" Spelling Trick  
323 A Suggested Routine of Spelling Tricks  
325 IA. With Unprepared Cards, Without Forcing (Robert-Houdin) Robert-Houdin
326 Prof. Hoffmann Variation Professor Hoffmann
326 Another Method  
327 IB. The Three of Clubs  
327 The Mexican Turn-over  
329 II. Forcing the Mental Selection of a Card and Tricks Therewith  
329 By Spreading the Cards  
330 By Ruffling the Cards  
330 a. With Two Spectators (Robert-Houdin) Robert-Houdin
331 b. With Two Spectators  
333 Forcing the Mental Selection by Prearrangement. a  
333 Forcing the Mental Selection by Prearrangement, b  
333 Forcing a Corner-Shorted Court Card  
334 Passing the Cards Before a Spectator  
334 c. With Two Spectators  
335 Variation  
335 Forcing a Card by Springing the Cards  
336 Locating a Card After the Spectator's Cut  
336 III. By Means of the Fan Spread  
336 a. Raising a Neat Fan  
337 b. Raising a Ragged Fan  
338 c. Spreading on the Table  
339 d. Displaying a Reverse Fan  
339 V. With Prearranged Pack  
339 a. With the Nikola System Louis Nikola
340 b. With Two Packs  
340 V. Psychological Forces  
341 Red or Black  
341 The Seventh Position  
341 The Second Card  
342 The Second and Third Cards  
342 Memorizing Five Cards  
342 The Third Card  
343 Dai Vernon's Psychological Force Dai Vernon
343 VI. With Prepared Cards  
343 Al Baker's Force Al Baker
344 VII. By Elimination  
344 Ralph Hull's Trick Ralph Hull
346 VIII. Special Deck  
346 The Magician's Dream, with Prepared Cards (Audley Walsh) Audley Walsh
347 With Unprepared Cards (Dai Vernon) Dai Vernon
349 I. U-Do-It Ace Trick (U.F. Grant) U.F. Grant
351 II. The Four Aces (S. Leo Horowitz) S. Leo Horowitz
355 III. The Four Aces (Stewart James) Stewart James
357 IV. The Four Aces (Wm. H. McCaffrey) Wm. H. McCaffrey
361 V. The Four Aces (Jess Kelly) Jess Kelly
363 VI. Aces for Experts (Dai Vernon) Dai Vernon
365 VII. Amnemann's Aces (Ted Annemann) Ted Annemann
370 I. Cards Freely Chosen. No Assistant  
370 Method No. 1  
374 Method No.2 (M. Laissus) M. Laissus
375 Method No. 3  
376 Method No.4. The Book Houlette  
377 II. Duplicates of Forced Cards Rise. No Assistant  
377 Method No. 1. Duplicate Cards Concealed on Table  
378 With an Assistant  
378 Without an Assistant  
378 By Fanning the Deck  
379 Pip Change  
379 Addressing the Queen  
379 Card Rises Reversed then Turns Around  
379 The Blank Card Gag  
380 The Broomstick Rise (Robert Heller) Robert Heller
380 With a Silk in the Glass  
380 Method No.2. Threaded Packet From Vest Pocket  
381 Method No.3. With a Borrowed Pack  
382 Method No.4. Cards Rise Spontaneously from Vest Pocket  
382 Method No.5. Card Rises from Pack Held in the Hand  
383 Method No.6. The All Rising Cards  
385 Method No.7. The Swinging Rising Cards  
386 Method No.8. The Joker Rising Card Trick  
386 Method No.9. The Celebrity Rising Card Trick  
387 III. The Hair and Wax Pellet  
387 Method No. 1. The "Alberti" Method Professor Alberti
388 Method No.2. Adrian Plate's Method Adrian Plate
389 Method No.3. Card Rising from Hand to Hand  
390 Method No.4. From a Glass  
391 Method No.5. Tube and Thread  
391 Method No.6. The Wand and Rising Card  
392 IV. Impromptu Methods  
392 Method No. 1. Cards Rise from the Pack Held in Left Hand  
393 Method No.2. The Little Finger Rise  
394 Method No.3. The Thumb Rise (S. Leo Horowitz) S. Leo Horowitz
395 Method No.4. A Comedy Rising Card  
396 Method No.5. The Fluted Glass  
396 Method No.6. The Window Pack  
396 Method No.7. Wand and Houlette (Ottokar Fischer) Ottokar Fischer
397 Method No.8. The Cardini Rise Cardini
397 Method No.9. Card Rising Through Handkerchief (Brush) Baffles Brush
398 Method No. 10. Card Rises From Cardcase Tied to Hand  
400 Method No. 11. The "Plunger" Rising Cards (Jack McMillen) Jack McMillen
402 Variation without Sleight of Hand, Using Wax  
402 V. Prepared Cards  
402 Special Cards  
403 With a Svengali Deck  
403 VI. Mechanical Rising Cards  
403 A. The Mechanical Pack (Hartz) Hartz
404 B. The Holmes Spindle (Donald Holmes) Donald Holmes
405 C. The Card Case and Finger Tip  
405 D. The Wand and Glass Houlette  
405 E. The "Lyre" Rising Cards  
406 F. The Walking-Stick Rising Cards  
407 The "Sandu" Rising Cards (Harlan Tarbell) Harlan Tarbell
407 G. The Tray and Houlette  
408 H. The Gordien Rising Cards (Henry Gordien) Henry Gordien
410 I. The Hand Houlette  
412 VII. The Aerial Cards  
412 1. The "Thurston" Rising Cards Howard Thurston
413 2. A Method for the Parlor  
413 3. A Second Method  
414 4. The Queen of the Air  
414 VIII. Any Card Called For Rises  
414 1. M.Guimard's Method M.Guimard
415 2. M.Ceilher's Method M.Ceilher
416 3. The "Neyhart" Houlette A.P. Neyhart
423 4. The Stull Rising Card Trick Robert Stull
424 Dr. Hooker's Impossibilities Dr. Samuel C. Hooker
426 The Card Windlass or Reel  
427 Dr. Jacob Daley's Routine Dr. Jacob Daley
430 I. The Svengali Deck (Burling Hull) Burling Hull
431 1. A Subtle Detection  
432 2. The Lady's Ring  
432 3. The Spectator Makes a Prediction  
433 4. A Prediction (Al Baker) Al Baker
435 5. The Perfect Stop Trick (Al Saal) Al Saal
436 6. Another "Stop' Trick  
437 7. A Blindfold Detection  
438 II. The Mene Tekel Deck (Burling Hull) Burling Hull
439 1. Chosen Card Passed into Vest Pocket  
439 Three Chosen Cards Discovered From Pack in a Hat  
440 2. A Curious Coincidence (Glenn G. Gravatt) Glenn G. Gravatt
441 III. Double Faced Cards  
441 1. The Triangle (David Devant) David Devant
442 2. Infallible Prediction (Paul Curry) Paul Curry
444 3. A Pocket Change (U.F. Grant) U.F. Grant
445 4. The Princess Trick (S. Leo Horowitz) S. Leo Horowitz
448 IV. Ivory and Air Cushion Finish  
449 Blindfold Multiple Detection (Wm. H. McCaffrey) Wm. H. McCaffrey
450 V. Forcing Packs  
450 Three-Way Forcing Deck and Switch  
450 Three-Way Svengali Forcing Deck  
451 Rogers' Ever Ready Forcing Pack (Dr. Ford Rogers) Dr. Ford Rogers
452 Cards Plus Jugglery (Charles A. Leedy) Charles A. Leedy
453 VI. Strippers  
454 1. To Surreptitiously Reverse a Stripper Deck  
455 Half and Half Subtlety  
455 2. Bringing the Reversed Card to the Top  
456 Tricks with a Stripper Deck  
456 1. A Novel X-Ray Trick  
457 2. Another Method  
457 3. A Triple Discovery (Prof Hoffmann) Prof Hoffmann
459 Two Good Wrinkles  
459 1. Reversing the Deck  
459 2. Not Reversing the Deck  
460 VII. End Strippers  
461 VIII. Bevelled Cards  
461 Poker Demonstration  
461 Card and Number (Harry Blackstone) Harry Blackstone
463 IX. The Short Card  
464 1. It's in the Bag (H. Adrian Smith) H. Adrian Smith
464 Effect No. 1  
465 Effect No. 2  
466 Effect No. 3  
466 Effect No.4  
467 Effect No.5  
468 2. A Bewildering Change (Cardini) Cardini
469 3. Two Card Discovery (Billy O'Connor) Billy O'Connor
471 4. The Torn Deck Discovery  
471 5. Ne Plus Ultra, New Version  
473 6. Mr. Snyder Makes a Prediction (John Snyder) John Snyder
475 7. The Double Lift with a Short Card  
475 Ambitious Card Routine  
475 Open One-Hand Top Change  
476 8. The Four Aces (Mickey McDougall) Mickey McDougall
477 9. The Long Card (Paper Clip)  
478 10. Two New Locator Cards  
478 1. Coin Impression (Will De Sieve) Will De Sieve
479 2. Another 'Ridge" Preparation (Jontay)  
479 II. Impromptu Marking of Cards (Punching or Pegging)  
479 1. The Tooth Pick Method  
479 2. Thumb Tack Marker  
480 X. Double Backed Cards (J.N. Hofzinser) J.N. Hofzinser
481 1. The Self Reversing Cards  
481 2. The Ambitious Card (Vernon, Finley, Horowitz) Vernon, Finley, Horowitz
484 3. The Power of the Will  
485 4. The Five Cards Do As I Do-You Can't  
486 . Cagliostro's Card, A Prediction (George Kaplan) George Kaplan
489 XI. Divided Cards  
489 The Four Sevens and the Four Deuces  
490 The Protean Pack of Cards (Robert-Houdin) Robert-Houdin
491 XII. Sundry Prepared Cards  
491 1. A Visible Transformation (W. Fred Heaman) W. Fred Heaman
492 2. Prepared Carbon Card. (James Maxwell) James Maxwell
493 A Mindreading Trick  
494 Annemann's Method with Prepared Cardcase  
495 3. The Daub. A Miracle -Location (Paul Rosini) Paul Rosini
496 4. One Way Cards. "Think Stop" a. (Wm. H. McCaffrey) Wm. H. McCaffrey
497 One Way Cards. b. Spectator Reverses Cards Himself  
497 5. Diachylon Thought Control  
499 Card Tricks with Apparatus and in Combination with Other Objects  
500 Spirit Cartography (Harry Blackstone) Harry Blackstone
500 The Cross-Cut Force  
501 The Card in the Frame  
503 The Knowing Dart  
504 Stand for the Vanish and Recovery of Four Cards  
505 The Card and Ribbon Trick (J.J. Kolar) J.J. Kolar
508 The Card and Stamp Mystery (Harlan Tarbell) Harlan Tarbell
510 The Enchanted Card Slide (Nishan Andounian and Joe Berg) Nishan Andounian and Joe Berg
512 "Cherchez La Femme" (Al Baker) Al Baker
513 The Balloon and Card  
517 XVIII. THE TUNED DECK (Ralph W. Hull) Ralph W. Hull
530 The Rough and Smooth Principle  
531 The Pop-Eyed Eye-Popper (R. W. Hull) Ralph W. Hull
531 1. The Force  
532 2. The Pop-Eyed Eye-Popper Trick  
532 3. "Knock'em Off with a Stick  
533 4. Skilled? Second Dealing  
533 The Magnetic Mental Control (R.W. Hull) Ralph W. Hull
537 I. Theodore Annemann  
538 1. The Princess Trick Theodore Annemann
539 2. The Five Card Stabbing Mystery Theodore Annemann
542 II. Al Baker  
542 1. Red-Black Detection Al Baker
544 2. Mysterious Divination Al Baker
545 III. Cardini  
545 1. The Cardini Ace Trick Cardini
546 Cardini's Multiple Shift (Overhand Shuffle Style) Cardini
548 2. Cardini Method of Backhand Production of Cards Cardini
548 IV. S. Leo Horowitz  
549 1. A Psychological Discovery S. Leo Horowitz
552 2. The Magic Tunnel S. Leo Horowitz
555 V. Stewart Judah  
555 1. The Three Heap Stewart Judah
557 2. The Guessing Game Stewart Judah
559 VI. Nate Leipzig  
560 1. Five Hands Nate Leipzig
561 Poker-Hand Switch Nate Leipzig
562 2. The Sympathetic Clubs Nate Leipzig
563 VII. William H. McCaffrey  
564 1. The Prize Winner William H. McCaffrey
566 2. The Telephone Trick William H. McCaffrey
567 VIII. Paul Rosini  
567 1. Everywhere and Nowhere Paul Rosini
570 2. A Great Location Trick Paul Rosini
572 IX. John Scarne  
572 1. The Card in the Wallet John Scarne
575 2. The Transposed Cards John Scarne
575 X. Dai Vernon  
576 1. Do As I Do Dai Vernon
578 2. Follow the Leader Dai Vernon
581 Methods of Producing a Silk with Bare Hands  
581 1. No Gimmick  
583 2. Metal Box Gimmick  
583 3. With a Thread (Eric F. Impey) Eric F. Impey
585 The Best Handkerchief Gimmick (S. Leo Horowitz) S. Leo Horowitz
585 1. The Coin and Handkerchief  
588 2. The Silk Production  
590 3. The Burning Table Cloth or Napkin  
591 4. Color Changing a Silk  
592 Tricks with Silk  
592 A Study in Red and Green.,  
595 A Novel Production of Silks (With Stilwell Hank Ball)  
596 Silks and Matches (Al Saal) Al Saal
597 "Clean-Cue' Color Changing Silk (Harlan Tarbell) Harlan Tarbell
600 A Visible Penetration (Charles Waller) Charles Walle
603 "Flash" Production of Silks  
604 The Silk Wonder Box (Davenport) Davenport
606 The Penetrating Silk (Nelson G. Hahne) Nelson G. Hahne
608 Another Silk Penetration (C.L. Jacobsen) C.L. Jacobsen
608 Dyeing the Silks (David Devant) David Devant
609 Al Baker's Dyeing Silks Al Baker
611 The Dancing Lady  
612 The Self Tying Knot (With Thread)  
613 The Tenkai Knots (Tenkai Ishida) Tenkai Ishida
613 Vanishing Knots (Upsetting the Knot)  
614 Tarbell Color Changing Handkerchief (Harlan Tarbell) Harlan Tarbell
616 Used with Frank Ducrot's 20th Century Silks Frank Ducrot
617 Duval's Dyeing Handkerchiefs (Ade Duval) Ade Duval
621 Billiard Balls  
622 I. Billiard Ball Sleights  
622 1. Palming  
623 2a. Palming a Ball, Apparently Taking it in the Other Hand  
624 2b. Palming a Ball, Apparently Placing it in the Other Hand  
625 3. The Change Over Palm  
626 I. Billiard Ball Gimmicks  
626 a. The Shell  
626 b. Ball Holders  
626 1. Individual Holders  
627 2. Holders for Several Balls  
628 III. Pockets  
628 IV. Pulls  
629 V. The Cuff Servante  
630 VI. Table Wells and Servantes  
630 VII. Special Balls  
630 Pin Ball (Peterson) Peterson
631 Thimble Ball  
631 Ball with Hole  
631 Needle and Cork Ball  
631 VIII. Billiard Ball Stands  
632 The Conradi Stand (To Vanish and Produce Balls) Conradi
632 Wooden Stand (To Hold and Produce Balls)  
633 IX. The Lozenge  
633 Billiard Ball Tricks  
634 1. The One to Four Multiplication (With Shell)  
636 2. Filtration Through a Handkerchief  
637 A Billiard Ball Phantasy (1 to 4 with Solid Balls)  
640 Impromptu Moves with Billiard Balls  
640 1. Playing Card Changed to a Billiard Ball  
641 2. Production of a Billiard Ball from a Playing Card  
642 3. A Subtle Vanish  
642 The Best Diminishing Billiard Ball Trick  
644 Golf Balls  
644 The New Multiplying Golf Balls (L.L. Ireland) L.L. Ireland
644 1. Multiplication to Four Solid Balls  
646 2. Simultaneous Production of Four Balls in Each Hand  
647 3. Knee Penetration (Henry Gordien) Henry Gordien
649 The Diminishing Golf Ball (L.L. Ireland) L.L. Ireland
651 Sponge Balls (Al Cohen) Al Cohen
652 1. The Fist Vanish  
653 2. To Palm a Sponge Ball  
654 A Sponge Ball Routine  
656 Another Sponge Ball Routine (Henry Gordien) Henry Gordien
657 Gimmicks for Sponge Balls  
659 The Cups and Balls  
658 The Wand  
659 The Balls  
659 The Cups  
659 Sleights  
659 The Vanish  
660 Loading a Cup  
660 Removing a Ball Secretly from Under a Cup  
661 Routine  
661 Routine No. I  
663 No-Sleight Sponge Ball Method (L.L. Ireland) L.L. Ireland
666 1. A Coin Vanish (Retention of Vision) (Dai Vernon) Dai Vernon
667 2. The Chapender Vanish (Martin Chapender) Martin Chapender
669 3. A Hilliard Vanish (Pivot)  
669 4. Another Hilliard Vanish (Back Palm)  
670 5. A Complete Vanish (Coat Pocket Drop)  
671 6. A Vanish with a Pencil (With Pencil Clip)  
671 7. A Jardine Ellis Vanish (Fingertip Slide)  
672 A Novel and Easy Coin Change (With Playing Card)  
673 A Change for a Small Coin (Sleeving)  
673 A Coin Multiplication (Max Malini) Max Malini
673 Coin Gimmicks and Various Artifices  
673 Coin Holders  
673 1. The Kellar Holder Harry Kellar
674 2. The New Coin Holder (Al Meiner) Al Meine
674 New Coin Dropper  
674 Paper Clip Holder  
675 Fountain Pen  
675 Folded Newspaper as a Tray (to Secretly Add Coins)  
675 The Wand (A Vanish with Wax)  
676 Coin on Thread (A Vanish)  
676 Folding Coins  
676 To Make One Coin and a Folded Coin Appear as Three Coins  
677 Formula for Silver Cement to Fill the Gap  
677 The Half Dollar and Ginger Ale Bottle (Harry Blackstone) Harry Blackstone
678 Impromptu Tricks  
678 The Penny and the Dime (Wm. H. McCafErey, S.B. Blodgett) Wm. H. McCafErey, S.B. Blodgett
680 Sleeving Move  
680 A Coin Vanish from Between Two Glasses  
681 Coin to Pocket (Charles A. Leedy) Charles A. Leedy
681 Dime Under One of Three Cards (Al Baker) Al Baker
682 The Coin in the Handkerchief  
683 The Vanishing Dime  
684 Another Vanishing Dime  
685 A Trick at the Counter  
685 Two Cards and a Coin  
685 Tricks With Coins  
685 The Dime and the Penny  
686 A Date Divination (J.N. Hilliard) J.N. Hilliard
687 Coin Changed to an Alarm Clock  
688 A Coin Penetration (Using a Wire Ring)  
689 The Sympathetic Coins (with Shell) (Yank Hoe) Yank Hoe
690 Coin Through a Handkerchief  
690 Invisible Flight of Six Coins  
692 Gold and Silver (Expansion of Texture)  
693 The Rising Coin (with Thread)  
694 The "Perfect" Coins Through Table Trick  
697 The Coin and the Chocolate Box (Arthur Sherwood) Arthur Sherwood
699 A Coin Producing Fan  
700 The Coin Easel  
701 The Miser's Dreain  
701 1. Coins from the Shoe  
702 2. The Hooked Coin  
702 3. A Very Good Method of Holding a Load of Coins is This  
703 Three of My Favorite Coin Tricks (T. Nelson Downs) T. Nelson Downs
703 1. Mysterious Date Changing  
703 2. Reading the Dates of Coins with the Finger Tips  
704 3. A Neat Coin Fold  
705 Mr. T.J. Crawford's Section  
705 Migratory Coins T.J. Crawford
708 The Okito Coin Box Theo Bamberg
710 The Brema Coin Box T.J. Crawford routine for Carl Brema's Box
712 Using the Sleeves  
713 Curious Coins T.J. Crawford
716 An Old One Revisited  
717 The Illusive Coin Pass  
719 The Downs Coin Star T. Nelson Downs
722 I. Unlighted Cigarettes  
722 The Basic Sleights  
722 1. The Thumb Grip  
724 a. The Passage of a Cigarette Through the Knees  
724 b. Showing the Hands Empty with the Thumb Grip  
725 c. Production of Cigarettes from the Thumb Grip  
726 2. The Pinches  
726 First and Second Fingers, Inside Hand  
726 First and Second Fingers, Behind Hand  
726 First and Third Fingers, Inside Hand  
726 First and Third Fingers, Behind Hand  
727 3. The Finger Hold  
727 4. The Finger Palm  
727 A Vanish  
728 5. The Tiptilt  
728 6. The Vanish, Real and Apparent  
729 7. The Push Vanish and Recovery  
730 II. Lighted Cigarettes  
730 1. "Tongueing" a Cigarette  
732 2. Switching a Lighted Cigarette for a Dummy  
733 3. Production of Five Lighted Cigarettes, Full Size  
734 4. Production of a Lighted Cigarette from the Air  
735 5. Producing Sparks  
735 6. A Routine Using Lighted Cigarettes and Dummies  
736 7. A Finale. Production of a Pipe  
737 III. Various Gimmicks  
737 1. The Dropper  
737 2. Tanks for Lighted Cigarettes  
738 3. Vest Holder  
738 4. The Finger Clip  
739 5. Preparation of Load for Production of Several Cigarettes  
741 Cigarette Switch (Two Methods)  
741 Vanishing a Cigarette with a Pull. Correct Method  
742 Another Vanish of a Lighted Cigarette (Using a Thumbtip)  
743 Continuous Impromptu Production of Cigarettes (G.W. Hunter) G.W. Hunter
745 The Growing, Glowing Cigarette  
745 The Cigarette Rising from a Package (Glenn Gravatt) Glenn Gravatt
747 Another Method (Impromptu)  
747 A Cigarette Rising from a Bottle  
748 The Reborn Cigarette (Al Baker) Al Baker
750 Lighted Cigarette Passed Through Handkerchief  
751 The Phantom Cigarette  
753 Half a Cigarette  
753 Some Impromptu Tricks  
753 1. A Cigarette Interlude  
754 2. Bending a Cigarette Double  
754 3. The Knotted Cigarette  
755 The Pantomime Cigarette  
756 Cigarettes and Hats (Henry Gordien) Henry Gordien
758 The Immortal Cigarette (Sam Berland)  
759 Cigarettes Through a Handkerchief (Sam Berland) Sam Berland
760 The L.W. Card in Cigarette (T. Page Wright and Wm. Larsen) T. Page Wright and Wm. Larsen
762 Cigars  
762 The Levitation of a Cigar  
763 Another Levitation  
764 With Three Borrowed Cigars  
764 The Travelling Cigar Ash  
767 The Torn Bill  
768 Switching a Bill I  
769 Switching a Bill II  
770 Cut and Restored Bill (Wm. H. McCaffrey) Wm. H. McCaffrey
771 The Climbing Bill (Dave Roberts) Dave Roberts
771 The "Perfect" Lemon and Bill Trick  
774 A Good Wrinkle for Rolling Bills  
774 The Bill in the Envelope (Bluey-Bluey) Bluey-Bluey
777 The Five Dollar Bill Trick (Wm. H. McCaffrey) Wm. H. McCaffrey
779 The Short Change with the Long Green (Dai Vernon) Dai Vernon
780 Dollar Bill And Tube Trick (Carl Brema) Carl Brema
785 Karl Germain's Cut and Restored String Karl Germain
786 Tarbell's Cut and Restored Rope with Snap Fasteners Harlan Tarbell
786 Tarbell's Caesar Gimmick Harlan Tarbell
787 The Tarbell Hindu Rope Mystery. Loop Method. Simplified Harlan Tarbell
790 Impromptu Method (U.F. Grant) U.F. Grant
792 Mehlon Clayton's Method I II] Mehlon Clayto
793 Henry Gorclien's MethodI Henry Gorclien
794 Stretching a Rope (Milboume Christopher) Milboume Christopher
796 Second Method  
797 The Slow Motion Restoration (Harry C. Bjorklund) Harry C. Bjorklund
799 The Climax Rope Trick (Herman Hanson) Herman Hanson
804 A. For Parlor or Club Presentation (Jean Hugard) Jean Hugard
810 B. Stage Presentation (Jean Hugard) Jean Hugard
814 C. Various Artifices of Modern Invention  
814 1. The Large Ring  
817 2. The Odin Count M. Odin
818 3. Mr. Farelli's Variation Using Two Large Rings Mr. Farelli
820 4. The Small Ring  
821 D. Methods of Obtaining the Key Ring Secretly  
821 With a Silk  
821 With a Japanese Basket  
821 On the Back of a Chair  
821 J. N. Hilliard's Method J. N. Hilliard
822 Eugene Laurant's Method Eugene Laurant
822 Charles Waller's Method Charles Waller
822 With a Vest  
822 Chung Ling Soo's Method Chung Ling Soo
823 E. The Opening in the Key Ring  
823 Bibliography  
825 I. Impromptu Tricks  
825 The Four Sugar Cubes  
825 Tricks with Matches  
825 The Travelling Matches  
826 A Pretty Match Flourish  
827 Divination with Matches  
827 The Linking Matches (Two Methods)  
828 Striking a Match in the Air  
829 The Flying Matches  
830 The Jumping Match or Toothpick (Wm. H. McCaffrey) Wm. H. McCaffrey
830 Vanishing Matches  
830 The Floating Match  
831 The Pencil Fountain (David E. Swift) David E. Swift
832 The Three Cigarette Papers  
832 The Butterfly on the Shoe  
832 The Tricky Thimble  
833 A Novel Thimble Vanish  
834 Three Useful Wrinkles  
834 1. With a Matchbox  
834 2. To Tear Cellophane  
834 3. New Prepared Envelope  
835 Tricks with Slates  
835 1. To Number the Sides and Have a Message Appear  
836 2. The Empty Frame Idea  
836 3. Slate Writing Without a Flap (Stewart Judah) Stewart Judah
837 The Rolling Golf Ball  
838 The Rising and Falling Tube. A Genuine Hindu Trick  
839 The New Rice Bowls (Improved by Al Baker) Al Baker
841 The Original Frank Ducrot Method Frank Ducrot
842 Chung Ling Soo's Addition Chung Ling Soo
842 The New Die and Hat Trick (Petrie, Lewis) Petrie, Lewis
843 Glass Through Glass (Edward Massey) Edward Massey
845 The Penetrable Glass (Penetration Frame) (Ludwig Krug) Ludwig Krug
846 The Hindu Thread Trick  
847 The Chinese Prayer Vase (Routine by Don White) Don White routine
850 The Porous Broomstick  
851 The Flying Ring I  
853 The Flying Ring II  
854 The New Vanishing Glass ("Squash") (Percy Abbott) Percy Abbott
856 The Wooden Block Divination Trick  
856 The Divination Candles  
857 A Compact Divination Trick (Henry Gordien) Henry Gordien
858 The Salt Trick (Henry Gordien) Henry Gordien
860 The Afghan Bands (James Wobensmith) James Wobensmith
861 Evolution of the Afghan Bands (Ellis Stanyon) Ellis Stanyon
863 The Miracle Torn and Restored Paper (Ellis Stanyon) Ellis Stanyon
865 The Sands of the Desert  
866 Eugene Laurant's Method of Preparation Eugene Laurant
867 Charles Bertram's Method Charles Bertram
868 Wax Paper Method  
868 Veterinary Capsule Method  
869 Fu Manchu's Presentation David Bamberg
869 Harlan Tarbell's Presentation Harlan Tarbell
871 Piff, Paff, Pouf! The Magic Safety Pins (Don White) Don White
873 Tricks of the Trade  
873 Magician's Wax  
873 Elastic  
873 Flesh Color Paint  
873 A Novel Pull  
873 A Useful Pull  
873 Hand Levitation  
874 Flash Paper  
874 Thread or Line  
874 Bent Tube for Thread  
874 Beer  
874 Ropes  
874 Egg Stains  
874 Grease Spots  
875 Silk Stains  
875 Pulls  
875 Candle Shells  
875 Velvet  
875 Colored Fluids  
875 Gold Paint  
875 Plush Goods  
875 Feather Flowers  
875 A Practical Flashpot (Roy Chapman) Roy Chapman
876 Inflating Balloons for Production (Caryl S. Fleming) Caryl S. Fleming
877 The Spirit Grip (Eugene Bernstein) Eugene Bernstein
881 Diabolo Pellet Reading (Ted Amnemann) Theodore Annemann
883 The One Ahead System  
884 Modern Mind Reading (Wm. Hewitt) Wm. Hewitt
885 The Telephone Book Test (John Mulholland) John Mulholland
887 The Dictionary Trick (J.N. Hilliard) J.N. Hilliard
889 The Sealed Message (Sid Lorraine) Sid Lorraine
890 The Magic Blotter (Sid Lorraine) Sid Lorraine
891 Geomancy (Wm. H. McCaffrey) Wm. H. McCaffrey
893 Divination with Marbles (C.W. Jones) C.W. Jones
895 The Three Pellet Trick (Ted Annemann) Theodore Annemann
896 Magic Addition (Wm. H. McCaffrey) Wm. H. McCaffrey
897 Mind Reading at a Distance (Frank Lane) Frank Lane
898 The Best Impromptu Mind Reading Trick  
900 Mind Reading with the Finger Tips (Bert Allerton) Bert Allerton
902 Mnemonics with Cards (H. Adrian Smith) H. Adrian Smith
903 An Outline of the System  
903 The Table of Fixed Ideas (Letters)  
904 The Table of Fixed Ideas (Words)  
904  The Card List  
905 Association of Ideas  
906 Memorizing a Shuffled Pack  
906 A Unique Mental Problem (H. Adrian Smith) H. Adrian Smith
907 Memorizing a List of Objects  
908 A Method for a Set-Up Deck  
911 XXIX. MAGIC SQUARES (Royal V. Heath) Royal V. Heath
911 The Basics of Magic Squares  
911 The Three Square  
912 The Five Square  
912 Odd and Even Cell Squares  
914 The Eight Square  
914 The Six Square  
915 Fun With Magic Squares  
916 Transposing Magic Squares  
920 The Birthday Magic Square Trick  
921 An Historical Magic Square  
922 Segregation of the Odd and Even Numbers Routine  
923 A Mathematical Magic Square  
924 An Interesting Curiosity  
927 The Charles H. Larson Collection  
927 The Vanishing Cannon Ball  
928 A Magic Periscope  
928 The Magic Kettle  
929 The Silks Stand  
929 The Mysterious Disc  
930 The Mysterious Case I  
930 The Inexhaustible Barrel  
930 Cord and Books  
931 The Ivory Card Blocks  
931 The Hut of Madagascar  
831 The Umbrella Table  
931 Pack of Cards Changed to Silk  
932 The Latest Block and Cord  
932 Silk Production Balls  
932 Silk Production  
933 The Card Table  
933 Latest Mirror Glass  
934 The Cigarette Candle  
934 The Penetration of Matter  
934 Other Collections  
936 Stage Presentation (Fu Manchu)  
936 Stage Entrance  
937 Settings  
937 The Opening Illusion  
938 The Follow On  
939 Patter  
940 Balance  
944 Assistants  
944 Audience Work  
945 Routining  
946 Apparatus  
946 Working to Magicians  
947 The Climax  
948 Resume  
949 The Tum-Over Box (Jack Gwynne) Jack Gwynn
950 The Floating Ball (Okito, W.J. Nixon) W.J. Nixon and Theo Bamberg
953 The Vanishing Cane (Russ Walsh) Russ Walsh
954 The Vanishing Lamp (Silent Mora) Silent Mora
955 The Sword Box  
956 The New Sword Cabinet  
957 The Head Pincushion (U.F. Grant) U.F. Grant
958 The Doll's House (Frederick Culpitt) Frederick Culpitt
960 Where Do the Ducks Go? (W.J. Nixon) W.J. Nixon
961 Burning a Woman Alive  
963 Find the Lady (Amac) Amac
966 The Chinese Chopper (Lester Lake, Percy Abbott) Lester Lake, Percy Abbott
968 Shooting an Arrow and Rope Through a Woman (C.L. Soo) Chung Ling Soo
971 Walking Through a Ribbon  
973 Creo (Herr Boelke) Herr Boelke
975 The Ghost (David Devant) David Devant
976 Transmogrification (Charles Waller) Charles Waller
978 A Feat of Strength  
978 Sawing a Woman in Half (Torrini) Torrini
980 A. P.T. Selbit's Version P.T. Selbit
982 B. Horace Goldin's Version Horace Goldin
986 C. Method Using One Girl  
988 D. A Living Miracle (The Circular Saw Method)  
988 Fu Manchu's Pendulum David Bamberg
989 The Headless Woman  
991 And At The End  
993 Index  
1007 Finis  

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