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Remembrall Mnemonics. 1 5/8” Plastic Rainbow Putty Balls (41mm). Each ball full of colorful, gooey putty. Can be used as a remembrall if you remember how. The wizard asks a muggle to secretly hide a marked coin inside the putty in any of the remembralls. Then the Remembralls are put into a bag and thoroughly mixed. The muggle is asked to remember which ball holds the coin, but cannot. In fact, the coin cannot be found inside any of the Remembralls.Then the wizard happens to remember that he has another Remembrall under his wizard hat. When the Remembrall is opened, the marked coin is found within. Complete with a CD-ROM containing videos showing this and other uses for the Remembralls. $30.00 postpaid.

Remembrall Mnemonics

The above is the way the effect is listed in our regular catalog, on the Potions Page. Genii Forum Members can order JUST six of the 1 5/8” Plastic Rainbow Putty Balls (41mm) without getting the full set of instructions and CD-ROM videos for $8.00 postpaid. Use the special PayPal button below:

Six Plastic Rainbow Putty Balls
$8.00 Postpaid


Invisible thread from India - three long strands in a package containing ideas for magical uses. $2.00 postpaid

Invisible Thread from India
$2.00 PP