Genii Tube

by Jim Gerrish

The Genii Tube had its origin in the older Phantom or Ghost Tube. In the article, I explain the differences between these different types of tubes, with some diagrams for explanation. Then I show you how to construct a Genii Tube variation from hardboard and duct tape (and glue!).

My Genii Tube 20th Century Silks routine:

Show the Genii Tube, open it up, close it, look at the audience through it and then produce three separate silks (lets say they are blue, green and red).

Now tuck the three silks back into the tube, open the Genii Tube and the blue and green silks fall out, assuming you can catch them before they hit the ground. The red silk has vanished. Tie the blue and green silks together (or have a spectator do it!) and lay the tied silks in the open tube before closing it.

Say the magic word and open up the box, and a chain of three silks fall out, but again you catch them before they hit the ground and whip them around in the air to show that the red silk has reappeared and is now tied between the other two silks.

Toss the chain of three silks to the spectator who tied the blue and green silks together and ask him to untie the silks as you close the empty Tube. Ask the spectator to wave the three silks over the Tube, open it and display a bouquet of flowers (real or silk, not feather!), which you hold up in the “Ta-Dah!” position for applause.


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