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Kid Show Magic

From Jim Gerrish and The Wiz Kids, Inc.

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#1. O.O.P.S.! $7.00

The original One and Only Polisher of Sneakers as it was conceived by the inventor, Jim Gerrish, and performed by the Wiz Kids from 1976 to 1985. Effect: A sneaker (or shoe) is borrowed, burnt*, and restored in this funny routine of mishaps, mistakes, and misadventures. Click HERE for the COMPLETE effect.

Upon payment, you will be sent an e-book (pdf file) with the instructions.

*Burning is only one option - you can also perform a flameless version where the sneaker or shoe gets shredded by "accident".


The photo at the left was taken in Jim's backyard "workshop" where he recently built an OOPS machine from scratch. He made it from 2 pieces of 2x4 foot hardboard, decorations from the dollar store, a lot of duct tape. Tools: a sabre saw for cutting, a drill, soldering iron for making the flashpot chimney, scissors for cutting the duct tape neatly (tearing leaves stringy ends). So easy even a child can do it, as they say. Total construction cost $7.00 - Tools, paint and decorations cost extra and most are optional.

Spellbinder 9/16/06

Wiz Kid Qua-Fiki's Lunch Bag Ending now allows you to perform this great effect SOLO.

#2. Horse Play $7.00

Five kids from the audience are recruited to participate in a horse race across the stage. Before the race begins, the magician predicts which horse will win. If he loses, he will have to pay the audience, but if he wins...!

Upon payment, you will be sent an e-book (pdf file) with the instructions.

#3. Star Warts! $7.00

Kids from the audience are dressed up in costumes and masks to re-enact a scene from the popular movie. Even the magician, who plays the part of Dark Vapor, and one of the parents gets into the act. At the end, everybody, and I mean EVERYBODY is found to have changed costumes and no one knows how it happened! Backstage assistant required.

Upon payment, you will be sent an e-book (pdf file) with the instructions.

#4. The Coloring Book - Revisited $7.00

The Magic Coloring Book is a very old effect, so it's time to rethink the routine and make it fresh and new once again. The instructions show you how to make your own coloring books (examinable!), your own vanishing crayons, your own color changing scarf or book bag, multiplying crayons and reappearing crayons. At the end, you give your helper the book and the box of crayons to take home .

Upon payment, you will be sent an e-book (pdf file) with the instructions.

#5. The Ungimmicked Egg Bag Routine - $7.00

So much MORE than just an Ungimmicked Egg Bag routine! Yes, we promise that all the directions for doing the Egg Bag with an ungimmicked bag are here! More than that, the routine includes the "endless" production of real eggs that kids so enjoy! More than that, the routine includes a Chef Hat & Apron paper tear from Wiz Kid Eleazar Goodenough! More than that, the routine includes the gooey-mess-on-the-kid's head that-turns-into-a-bouquet of spring-flowers! More than that, the routine includes TWO magic oven props to build, a large one to produce the six foot high inflatable birthday cake shown in the photo, and a smaller table-top version that produces a REAL edible birthday cake, complete with instant self-lighting candles on top!

Upon payment, you will be sent an e-book (pdf file) with the instructions.

#6. Torn & Restored Comic / Coloring Book Pages -$7.00

Torn and Restored Newspapers don’t work well for kids only because they find newspapers uninteresting. Tear a comic book, however, and you get the attention of the teens and under who are into comic books.

For the younger audience, a coloring book can have the same effect, and yes, it is possible to combine this effect with my standard coloring book effect shown above( #4) . If you want to combine this effect with a commercial coloring book trick, you have to be willing to bear the additional expense of buying duplicates, but with my version, which uses Dollar Store coloring books, the expense is minimal.

Upon payment, you will be sent an e-book (pdf file) with the instructions.

#7. Coloring Card -$7.00

This is a greatly simplified coloring effect that is unlike any other you can buy or make. It's a black and white line drawing on a birthday card that you send to the birthday child days before you appear at his or her birthday party.

At the show, you and the child work together to magically color in the drawing on the card. When you finish, you give the child the completed and fully colored birthday card to keep and remember.

It is NOT any form of Instant Art, but a regular card you can easily draw by hand or print out on your computer. No acetate sheets are involved.

Upon payment, you will be sent an e-book (pdf file) with the instructions.

#8. The Happy-Clappy-Slappy
Wizard Washer

In 2007, I built a new model of my Happy-Clappy-Slappy Wizard Washer from scratch just for this e-Book and photographed the construction step by step.

This e-Book was sold for $20.00 in 2007, guaranteeing those who bought it at that time exclusive performing rights. They were told that in 5 years (April of 2012) the e-Book would once again go on sale for any and all magicians who wanted to purchase it, so they had five years exclusive use of the routines and props they built.

Time's up! The e-Book is NOW on sale once again!

#9. Choo Choo Train Illusion -$7.00

This Illusion is ideal for any themes of “Magical Journeys.” The Choo Choo Train packs up small and fits in that round red bag shown as an insert in the picture. Because it starts small and flat and ends up the same way, it is ideal even for children’s birthday party shows in someone’s living room, as long as you have space for it when it is expanded. It holds several children and so it is ideal for an audience participation Illusion.


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Jim's other book is all about building Illusions (and some Illusionettes) from PVC Pipes. It is available HERE!

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