How it works!

Hi! I'm Robert Pulver, but you can call me Magicbob.

I'm a Magic Nook Author, and while my creations appear on The Magic Nook website, I handle all of the processing and delivery of my products myself.

If you have a problem ordering or receiving any of my items, you can e-mail me directly at:

If you don't hear back from me within 24 hours, you can contact Professor Spellbinder at:




If you have a question, just send me an e-mail: but remember, I am not always sitting at my computer waiting to see who is going to e-mail me.  I promise to answer you within 24 hours. 



To purchase items and pay using PayPal (preferred), simply click the PayPal buttons to add items to your cart.  Click on "Continue Shopping" to purchase more items.  When you're ready to place your order, click on "Proceed to Checkout."  Log in to your PayPal account and complete the payment.  PayPal sends you an e-mail saying that your purchase has been made.




To purchase items and pay with a money order (Sorry, personal checks are NOT accepted), please first send an e-mail to with a list of the items you'd like to purchase.  I'll reply with your total and provide the address to mail your money order to.  Please note: due to the number of counterfeit money orders circulating these days, paying with a money order will delay your order somewhat, as it will have to clear the bank before your order is sent.



Because I am an independent author, you can't combine Magic Nook orders with orders for my products.  You will need to order each separately.


Where's Bob now?  Where are my purchases?

Even though it all seems fast, things are not done automatically at The Magic Nook. Your e-mail goes to PayPal.  They send an e-mail to me.  I check my e-mail several times a day.  Then I e-mail your .pdf files (or package up your physical order and take it to the post office).  All of these steps take some time.  If you haven't gotten confirmation within 24 hours please e-mail at to ensure that I received your order.

I promise to make all electronic deliveries of e-book purchases within 24 hours.  The exception to this is if you order by e-check.  Then the whole process is slowed down until the check has cleared the bank (3 to 4 business days).  Once it does and PayPal releases the payment to me, then we're back on schedule. 


Someone made a mistake! 

It's been more than 24 hours since I sent in my order!  I got sent the wrong item by mistake!  I tried to download my .pdf file and it was all garbled in transmission!  What do I do?

Don't worry!  Contact me at and tell me your problems. Remember, I'm not glued to a chair in front of the computer, but I am committed to providing excellent customer service.  I'll answer your e-mail within 24 hours and work diligently to resolve any problems.

If you can't get in touch with me for any reason, please report directly to Professor Spellbinder at The Magic Nook:

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