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The "I Hate Card Tricks"

Book of Card Tricks

Volume 1

by B. Robert Pulver

"Highly recommended."
"...pure genius."
"10 out of 10."

-Marty "Martini" Grams

"...the effects look so astonishing."

-Aldo Colombini

"Remarkably different and visual."

-Kenton Knepper

"...novel, visual magic ...well done!"

-Martin Lewis

" hit after another!"

-Aaron Smith

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Includes all 10 effects listed below

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your own custom cards.

IHCT 1-00

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IHCT 1-01

The Divided Queen

This effect was inspired by Jim Steinmeyer's illusion, "Modern Art."  Your assistant (Queen of Spades), is placed in a playing card “cabinet.”  Both "faces” show through the holes at all times.  You mimic sawing the lady in half.  Then the impossible happens!  You slide the “cabinet” sideways and the bottom half of the Queen moves with it!  Both of these cards are ungimmicked and 100% examinable before and after the illusion.

.pdf only

(make your own cards)



IHCT 1-02


The Zig-Zag Queen

This is a re-creation of Robert Harbin’s famous "Zig-Zag" illusion.  Your assistant (the Queen of Hearts) is placed into a playing card “cabinet.”  You proceed to slide out her middle.  She is then restored.  Both the assistant and the cabinet are ungimmicked and 100% examinable before and after the illusion.

.pdf only

(make your own cards)



IHCT 1-03

The Mismade Queen

Imagine performing Chuck Jones’ "Mismade Girl" using an examined playing card.  Your assistant (the Queen of Clubs) is placed in a playing card “cabinet.”  The magician then closes the cabinet door and acts out cutting the assistant into pieces.  The assistant is removed in pieces and rearranged.  The cabinet is closed again.  When it is reopened by the spectator, the pieces have fused into a solid “mismade” card.

.pdf only

(make your own cards)



IHCT 1-04

The Spiked Queen's Revenge

This effect combines the "Spiker" illusion with "The Assistant's Revenge."  Your assistant (the Queen of Diamonds) is placed in a card case “cabinet.”  The magician (the King of Spades) is held by the spectator.  You plunge a bed of solid spikes through the case.  Not only is the assistant unharmed, but she melts right THROUGH the spikes as you remove her from the case.  In a final twist, it is revealed that the magician and the assistant have switched places.

.pdf only

(make your own cards)



IHCT 1-05


The Disembodied Prince

The Prince (Jack) is placed in a “cabinet.”  Both ends of the card remain in full view.  Doors on either side of the cabinet are opened, revealing that the Prince’s middle section has vanished.


.pdf only

(make your own cards)



IHCT 1-06


The Kremated King

A playing card victim is “Burned Alive!” 

You place a King into the “cremation chamber,” and ACTUALLY SET FIRE TO IT!  The King’s flesh appears to be burned off!  The card is removed and may be given to the spectator as a unique souvenir. 


Bonus Effect: The X-Ray King - a more “kid-friendly” version featuring an X-ray machine, is also provided.

.pdf only

(make your own cards)



IHCT 1-07


Harry & Bess

The classic illusion, “Metamorphosis” is performed using playing cards.  A Queen (Bess Houdini) is bound inside a card case “trunk” and a King (Harry Houdini) stands on top.  The trunk is covered momentarily with a curtain.  When it is removed, the King and Queen have switched places.

.pdf only

(make your own cards)



IHCT 1-08


Jack B. Nimble

The Jack of Diamonds is placed into a playing card "cabinet" and visibly stretched to twice its normal length, then returned to normal size and handed out.

.pdf only

(make your own cards)



IHCT 1-09


The Kompressed King

A King is placed into a playing card "cabinet."  Both ends are squeezed, visibly compressing the King, until it disappears completely inside the other cards.  The cards are separated to reveal that the King has actually been reduced in size. 

.pdf only

(make your own cards)



IHCT 1-10

Twisted Sister

The “Twister” illusion is performed using a standard playing card.  You show a Queen, introducing her as your assistant.  She is secured in a playing card “cabinet.”  Her head is then twisted around, resulting in a humorous and unforgettable finale.

.pdf only

(make your own cards)



Printing Your Own Custom Cards

Many of the effects I’ve published recently require custom-made gaff cards.  I’ve been experimenting with a number of techniques to make high quality custom cards at home.  The steps outlined in this article will allow you to create custom cards (using your home computer and ink jet printer) that match the look and feel of a standard playing card quite nicely.  This article is provided FREE with the purchase of any of my effects that requires a custom printed card.


with purchase of any effect that requires a custom printed card. 


Disclaimer: Many of these effects require custom-printed gaff cards.  Instructions are provided for making your own in each book or e-book. However, knowledge of and experience in card-splitting and/or other techniques for creating/printing custom-made gaff cards are recommended.


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