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Kards for Kids

by B. Robert Pulver

"Wow, Bob!  It sounds like we think alike.  The art work is great and the plots are too."

-David Kaye (aka "Silly Billy")

"WOW! What a great book.  Kids will love these card tricks! I guarantee."

-Ken Scott

"Just glanced at the PDF file and already like what I see."

-Duane Laflin

"... terrific ideas"

"... well worth the price of the book." 

-B.J. Hickman

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We've all heard it said before...

Kids don't like card tricks!

Well, don't believe it!

You just need the right kind of card trick to have children eating out of your hands.

Here's a collection of a dozen card tricks that were developed specifically to be performed for children. 

Rest assured, however, that adults will love them too!!!

Preface to the book (FREE!)


Full color e-book (.pdf format)


Includes all 10 effects listed below

plus the guide to printing your own custom cards.


Click on the pictures or the INFO buttons for a brief description of the effect.
Please note: There are NO refunds on magical secrets.
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Dogs Playing Poker

Where have the dogs gone?  They're not in the doghouses.  The CATS are there.  You guessed it... the dogs are playing poker!

.pdf only

(make your own cards)




Monkey Business

One by one, bananas are “eaten” (turn into banana peels). This drives you nuts! The cards then transform into coconuts. Where have the bananas gone? Why, the monkeys ate them of course! The cards are shown again and all three have pictures of monkeys on them.

.pdf only

(make your own cards)




P.B. & J. Sandwich

Inspired by Timothy Wenk's classic children's effect, but without any of the allergy worries.

.pdf only

(make your own cards)




The Emperor's New Clothes

The classic tale comes to life in this card effect with multiple transformations.

.pdf only

(make your own cards)




Wabbit Season

Wabbit season!  Duck season!  Wabbit season!  This one will drive kids Looney Tunes!

Bonus effect: Fraidy Cat Wabbit, a card trick that combines elements of two classic children's effects (Hippity Hop Rabbits & Fraidy Cat Rabbit), is also included.

.pdf only

(make your own cards)




Mickey Moose

M-I-C...    K-E-Y...     M-O-O-S-E.

A prediction with a twist.

.pdf only

(make your own cards)




Creepy Crawlers

Spiders, rats, and snakes... Oh, my!

.pdf only

(make your own cards)




I See London, I See France...

You just know this is going to involve underpants.

.pdf only

(make your own cards)





Pete the Panda learns a valuable lesson.  The other pandas want to be like everyone else, changing into grizzly bears, polar bears, and koala bears.  When a wise owl tries to teach them about "being yourself," they even copy him! 

Kids will bear-ly be able to contain themselves for the finale.  Pete stays true to himself even when the remaining cards transform into completely different animals!  You can even give Pete away as a souvenir (and a reminder to "be yourself").

.pdf only

(make your own cards)




The Chronicles of Card-nia

Multiple transformations occur in this effect featuring mythical creatures.

.pdf only

(make your own cards)




Lion Around

Animals at the zoo sneak out of their cages one by one.  For the finale all of the animals escape, leaving every cage empty!

.pdf only

(make your own cards)



Printing Your Own Custom Cards

Many of the effects I’ve published recently require custom-made gaff cards.  I’ve been experimenting with a number of techniques to make high quality custom cards at home.  The steps outlined in this article will allow you to create custom cards (using your home computer and ink jet printer) that match the look and feel of a standard playing card quite nicely.  This article is provided FREE with the purchase of any of my effects that requires a custom printed card.


with purchase of any effect that requires a custom printed card.  


Disclaimer: Many of these effects require custom-printed gaff cards.  Instructions are provided for making your own in each book or e-book. However, knowledge of and experience in card-splitting and/or other techniques for creating/printing custom-made gaff cards are recommended.


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