Thayer's Magical Bulletin began publication in January 1914 with Vol. 1, # 1, and ran fairly steadily until May 1925, when it stopped publication with Vol. 12, # 7. Some twenty-three years later, Bill Larsen, Sr. the editor of Genii and then also owner of Thayer's, decided to revive the Magical Bulletin. He issued Vol. 13 ,# 1 dated June 1948 and followed with Vol. 13, # 2 dated Fall 1948. These two issues were simply an epitaph to a fine magazine that had died 23 years before.

Our on-line collection begins with the July 1917 issue, Volume V, Number 7. Unless we receive more issues in our collection, our last one is June 1924, Volume 11, Number 8.

Each on-line bulletin is complete. It has simply been scanned and converted to a pdf file. The typical bulletin contains magic news and gossip, a variety of magic effects from various contributors, advertisements mainly from Thayer, but also from other dealers, and the occasional hidden "gem" that would have been lost to future generations of magicians had it not been for this extraordinary magazine.

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July 1917, Volume V, Number 7

February 1919, Volume VII, Number 2

March 1919, Volume VII, Number 3

May 1923, Volume 10, Number 10

February 1924, Volume 11, Number 4

June 1924, Volume 11, Number 8

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