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Wizards' Journal
Sorcerer's Stone - Fancy Arithmancy
Talismania I - Talismania II - Old News
In the Bag - Musca Domestica - I Scry
Tarot Box - Ghost Rope
The Wizard's Den: Seeing-Eye Skull
Wizards' Journal
Happy Birthday - Fang - Charmed, I'm Sure! - Card Begone!
The Pit and the Pendulum
Ultraviolet Dove - Feather Flight - Spirit e-Mail
Magnetic Personality - Dove to Glove

The Wizard's Den: Electronic Crystal Ball
Wizards' Journal
Square Magic - Migrations
I Saw What You Did Last Summer! - Dueling Wands
Flight of the Phoenix - Dream Catcher
Fade In-Fade Out - Letter From Home
Mummified Scarab - Rhine Outdone
The Wizard's Den: Creepy Bookends
Wizards' Journal
Mr. Bones - Mystery Woman - Giant Spiders -
Return of the Werewolf - Body Piercings -
Possessed Pumpkins - Love Potion Number 9 -
The Monkey's Paw -The Power of Money - Ghost Box

The Wizard's Den: Self-lighting Candles
Wizards' Journal
First Years: Dollar Divination
Boardwalk Attractions: Madame Zelda
Inexhaustible Coconut -Picnic Lunch
Surfboard Levitation -Swim Suit Dove Productions
Parachute Game Illusion - Crazy Cabana - Lotto
Close Your Mouth!
The Wizard's Den: Tiki Masks
REVIEWED by Steve Vaughn
Wizards' Journal

First Years: Retention Vanishes
Fair Exchange - Shrink-a-Dink - Cornucopia - Better Book Test
Giant Monte - Appearing Goldfish - Chinese Fish Sticks
Poltergeist - The Fabled Cloak of Invisibility
The Wizard's Den: Autumn Decorations
REVIEWED by Joe Schmoe
Wizards' Journal

First Years: False Counts
Invisible Pen - Christmas Stocking - Christmas Tree
Littlest Angel Illusion - Gingerbread House Illusion
Kwanzaa Candles - T-Shirt Magic - Pop Corn Popper

Magical History Lesson: Shower of Sweets - Revisited
Wizards' Journal

First Years: Forcing
Every Century Silks X-Treme (and Regular!)

My D'Liteful Valentine - Cut To The Heart
You Gotta Have Heart! - Boxful of Valentines and Balloons
Tying the Knot - Crystal Clear Cups and Chicks
The Leprechaun's Pot 'O Gold - A Hat For All Seasons
Magical History Lesson: The Torn & Restored Napkin - Revisited
Wizards' Journal

First Years: The Thumb Tip: A History
Water Coffin Illusion - Visible Invisible Well - Step On It!
Magic Rune Sticks - Psychic Photos - Pop-Over Silk Dye
Tiny Bottles - Portrait of Grandma- Pill Bottle Quick!
Bizarre Book
Wizards' Journal

Houdini Séance Trunk- Double Witch Illusion - Lime Kicker
The Great Pumpkin Mystery -Tricky Trick Or Treat Bag
The Red Masque of Death - Autumn Leaves -
WAH Production Box - Street Bike - Magic Mortar Milk Mix
Magical History Lesson: Sefalaljia
Wizards' Journal

Glass Vase and Tube - Balls To The Walls- One Handed Net Illusionette
Passing Through - Pink Panther Mystery
This Little Light of Mine! - Frosty The Zombie - Ring Into Nest of Boxes
Crazy Daizy - Elevator Box - The Instant Wizard - E-Z Clean Dove Cote
Wizards' Journal


OSCAR - Clear Clipboard Prediction - Forked! - Telematic Prediction
Brainpower - Multiplying Bubbles - Water Witching Cards - Voodoo Hoodoo
Mystic Mosaic - Single Slate Séance - Parallel Universe (Stage Version)

Wizards' Journal


Pop-Out Hamburger - Dragon Potions by Magicbob
Santa's Magic Chimney -
Pompom Critters - Womanicure
Winning at Blackjack by Magicbob - Run, Whatever, Run!
Winning at Poker by Magicbob -
Signed Card to Sealed Deck
Building a Better Nest - Eisenheim's Ghost

Wizards' Journal


The 2007 Vanishing Radio - Cauldron Capers
Magic With Themed Party Goods - Monster Monte by Magicbob
BANG!FLASH! - Revisiting The Pom Pom Pole
Mummy Mischief by Magicbob - The Inexhaustible Jack O'Lantern
Devil's Compact -
Flower Power - Balloon Levitation

Wizards' Journal


Pegasus Redeemed - Santa's Toy Workshop - Santa's Bag Illusion
Jack In The Box Illusion - Passe Turvey Christmas Trees
Elemental Science - Betsy Wetsy Dolly - The Nutcracker Sentry Box
Silent Partner #1 Rudy Reindeer - Silks to Christmas Tree Mystery
Merry Christmas Carousel

Wizards' Journal


Hank, the Ghost Hank - Cookie Jar Force - The Anti-Mirror Glass
Seven-sided Herbal Tea Chest - Routines for a Wooden Egg Cup
Blendo Ropes- Billy Blockhead - Three Little Pigs Pocket Packet
Signed Sit on It - Fairy Box Revisited - Tangerine Box

Wizards' Journa

Talking Greeting Cards - A Visit to the Boneyard
Spellbinder's Dye-Version Version - Double Dutch Loopers
Baubles, Bangles, Rings and Beads
Four Card Monte Revisited - Jumbo Ultimate Monte and Stand
Jumbo Dutch Looper - Astro-Logical - The 12 Days of Christmas
Vampire Levitation

Wizards' Journal


Mind-Reading Puppets - Force Field- Stock Pot Magic
Cats and Dogs - Black Flash Illusion - Bye, Bye Bunny!

The Big Cheese - Qua-Fiki's Sneaky Production Box

Sub Cube - Stocks of Zanzibar Revisited - Puppy Fiki

Wizards' Journal

Wooden Card Box - Sure Shot Card Thru Glass
Christmas Lights From Mouth - Dracula's Coffin by Chris Dunn
Holiday Die Box by Chris Dunn - Spider Ouija
Vanishing Hand-Puppet House - Curtains Box by Chris Dunn
Santa Claus Blocks by Wiz Kid Wilhelmina

Easy to Make Magic Gifts - Tricky Stickies
Wizards' Journal

Free Will 21st Century Silks - Think A Card - Exposing What's Next
Banker's Dream - Qua-Fiki's One Fish, Two Fish Sponge routine -
Qua-Fiki's Fish or Cut Bait - Easter Bunny Surprise Illusion -
Visible See-through Nest of Boxes - ABC Blocks Production Boxes
Wizard's Wallet - Wilhelmina's Easter Egg Jelly Bean Surprise!
Wizards' Journal

Signed, Sealed and Delivered! - Hooray For the Red, White and Blue!
Flowers That Bloom With a Spring - ABC Stung Revisited -
The Babushka of Baba Yaga - No-Palm Signed Card to Card Box
Ace Chaser - The Most Amazing Card Trick - Mismade Jack
Ghost Card - Fellowship of the Ring
Wizards' Journal


Qua-Fiki's Floating Pumpkin - Santa's Chimney (A Vertical Die Box)
Three Card Trick (with Four Cards) - Santa's Magic Jingle Bell
Tilt-Back Switch Box - Lunch In The Park - Qua-Fiki's See-Thru Change Bag
Qua-Fiki's Sooper Dooper Looper - Color-Free Table Well & Astro-Box
Professor Cheeky-Fiki's Patriotic Rope Trick - Qua-Fiki's Ribbon Thru Neck
Wizards' Qua-Fiki's Journal


Qua-Fiki's Matrix-Mix - Qua-Fiki's Mesh ID Bag
Qua-Fiki's Wild Reindeer Games - Qua-Fiki's Thought Plucker
Qua-Fiki's Brooms of Doom - Qua-Fiki's In THEIR Hands Dye-Version

Qua-Fiki's 2010 Snakey - McFiki's Jumbo Aces - Small Medium at Large
Halloween Punch Recipe Book - Bingo /Lottery Ball Forces
Wizards' Journal

Halloween Special!

Coin to Sealed Candy Bag - Wrong Ring Revisited - Chomping Teeth
Hallow-Paddles - Porcupine Ball Magic - Eyeball Catch
Wheel of Mis-Fortune - Oh Dracula! - Halloween Rubber Band Magic
Haunted House Production Box - Halloween Coloring Book
Skeleton Sticker Magic - Pumpkin Bag Magic
Wizards' Journal


Die-Confundus - Desk Organizer Switch Box - Magic Story Cards
Missing Card Puzzle - Impromptu Matrix - Bunny Business
More Bunny Business - The Mystery of the Missing Carrot
Birthday Bunnies - Big, Bad Bunnies - Ultra Coincidental
Wizards' Journal


(2013- 2014)
Production Screens Revisited - O I C U ½ E S P - Surprise Loading Table
DIY Busking Table - Paper Blendos - Finger Flinging Silk Routine
Push-Me-Pull-You Silks to Flowers - Bouncy Ball Bag
Zippy Color Sponge Ball Routine - Misers and Their Dreams
Julian Mather's Big Red Box Of Magic Variations -
Wizards' Journal


Kitchen Workshop
Die Box Combination - Drawer Box Mania - Clown Bus
Mismade Flag Crate (Cabby) - Atta-Clown
Squarcle - Ferrnando Flea's Teeny Tiny Trunk -
Bouncing Blocks A Libre - Roy Benson String Sticks -
Fido Fiki, The Busking Dog - Pyramids of Plenty
Wizards' Journal


Spellbinder's Silent Lecture
In Your Face Slate of Mind - Whap! - Christmas Séance - 4C
Ribbon/Streamer C&R - Elusive Elephants - EZ-PZ Candle Production
Robbed! -
Deepest Sympathy - Snake Shadow Illusion
Wizards' Journal


Monkey Business - Pop Away Wands - Colorful Cups and Balls
Card Critters - Avengers' Monte & Frolic - Genii In The Bottle
Val Evans' STOP Card Trick Revisited - Cabana Illusion
Anniversary Two-Step - Blinking, Bouncing, Floating Beach Balls
Wizards' Journal


Predictible Box - King of Clubs - In Their Hands C&R Rope -
Threesies - Haunted House - 'Twas The Night Before Christmas
MC Jumbo Card Tricks - Hypno-Trix - Clown Phobia
The Adventures of Chicken Little
Wizards' Journal


Qua-Fiki's Wind-Up Toy Magic - Chocolate Bar Magic - Bongo Balloon
Curse of the Vampire - D.I.Y. Divination Discs
From HERE to THERE - Run, Princess, Run! - Voodoo You Do Box
Patty Paper Tear - Gift Bag Switch Bag
Wizards' Journal


Boa Trix - Magic Multi-purpose Pouches - Crazy Ace Matrix
In and Outs of Plastic Cuffs - 21st Century Gemstones
New-Velope - Attractive Playing Cards - Curly-Q Silk Tube
Peek-a-Boo Who? - In Their Hands 3 Little Pigs
Wizards' Journal


Poppets - In Their Hands Hippity Hops - Puzzle Box Mystery
Wizard's Production Book - 6-Way Box Prediction -
New Ace Chaser - Light Bulb Magic - Rabi-Duck Surprise!
Alice's Wonderland Monte - McD's JUMBO Aces
Wizards' Journal


The Red, White, and Blue Three Ball Trick - GIANT Soul-Mates
CLEAR-Voyance Cards - Rip-Rite -
The Cardless Card Trick - Hot Pips Paddles - Joker Houdini and Me!
Flip-Flap Folders - Totem Tubes - Escape Rope Vanish Bag
Wizards' Journal


X Marks the Spot - Silks From Newspaper Revisited - Check-R TriX
Elf Portal - Lunchbox Flea Circus - Window Wonderland
Matching Mittens - Bingo Games For Magicians -
Where Do The Duckies Go? - Stocks and Bonds
Wizards' Journal


Boxing Day - Bumbling Bumbershoot
Dominoes Vos Biscuits - Phantom Artist Returns
Hearts & Flowers - Easter Bunny Parade
Under the Rainbow - Whoop-De-Hoop - Magic A La Carte
Itty-Bitty Babies
Wizards' Journal


Mumbo Jumbo Monte - Follow The Leader Magic
Balloon Box Levitation - Marching Band Magic
Barky-Bark - Cubey-Doobey - Bunny Transport Cage
Chop-Chop Can-Can - Location, Location!
Christmas Card Cut-ups
Wizards' Journal


Bottle Miracle - Transforming Box
Zodiac Discovery - Spellbinder's Diary
PLOTTO - Color Visionary
Coupon Clipper & Coupon Couwickie
QuarterMaster Card Trick - Mime Magic
Blankety-Blank Cards
Wizards' Journal


Double-Deck Mind-Match - Dancing Clowns
Card Board Cartomancy - Emoji Trix
Bird Brain - Jack & Jill Twister - Best Guess
Incalculable - Grandma's Ghost - Electro-Cardio-Gram
Wizards' Journal

# 40

FATE - Circus Ma-trix - Lost and Found
Jumbo Torn & Restored Card - Sealed Envelope Prediction -
Business Card Magic - CatNip
Inflatable Christmas Arch Illusion - Switcheroo
Paper Money Magic
Wizards' Journal

# 41

Make Me - Zen-Ten - 3-D Magic - Gizmo Box Magic
Dollar Store Christmas Magic - Impuzzable Lite
Special Delivery - Magic Meter
Best Friends Forever - Swag Bag
Wizards' Journal

# 42

Goldfish Glass - Balloon Twisting MAGIC! - Imp Hank
Telediction Revisited - Mental Escapade - The Grim Reaper
Counter Intuitive - Tulip Trick - Budgie Baby
Mouse Power
Wizards' Journal

# 43

Animal Hunter Revisited - Penetrating Die Drop
Tiny Hank Box - Scamp - Mix-Match
Pongolian Pom Poms - Coined in the USA
Krampus Amongus - Adventures of Santa - Tarot Calendar

Wizards' Journal

# 44


Dapper Dan - Portable Rabbit Hole - Cuff Linked
A Touch of Magic - Coin-Card Routines - Glass Box Revisited
White Board Supremacy - Phantsma Revisited
New Rattle Box

Wizards' Journal

# 45


Mount Rushmore Magic - New Way Candy Vase
Critter Cabin - Butterfly Magic - IEspy - Smashing Mickey
Card Shock - Key Ring - Crucifixus - Touchy-Feeley

Wizards' Journal
# 46


Shuffle Sack - See-Thru Box - Got Your Number
Double Whizzo - Three Piggy Silks
Packed and Ready to Go - Clowning Around
Slither - Sunny Up - Appearing Kid

Wizards' Journal
# 47


Table Hip-Hopping - 4-D Card Trick - Knotty Knot
Chess Affinity - Swami Revisited - Svengali Redux
- Ghost House - Think Again - Peek-Velope

Wizards' Journal
# 48

(2022- 2023)

Rune Magik - InsideOutside Box - Halloweenies
Miracle Mind - ColorMental
Comedy Card Lesson - Shower Curtain Illusions
Dollar For Your Thoughts - Psign+

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