The Mongolian Silk Mystery - Revisited

Fred Johansen's Mongolian Silk Mystery, invented in the 1930s and used by him to entertain Mongolian tribes during his world travels with the U.S. Navy, is one of the few silk dying effects that uses no gimmicked dye tube and pretty much operates on pure sleight of hand, making it of no interest to the typical "magic store magician."

I have brought it "up to date" and include ways to combine it with C. Stephensen's Half-Dyed Silk, the Mis-Made Flag, Duke Stern's Dye-Version, and Frank Ducrot's Blendo and 20th Century Silks. It can also be a great segue from a Torn and Restored Newspaper effect, since the paper tube is usually made from ordinary newspaper. Finally I have teamed it up with Spellbinder's Gray Art Switch Box, revealed here for the first time.

Recently added, an Addendum by Wiz Kid Qua-Fiki with some clever subtleties involving comic books. All previous purchasers have been sent an updated version.


The Mongolian Silk Mystery


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