Jamison's Production Box Revisited

by Professor Spellbinder

If you like clever little wooden props you can build yourself, you'll enjoy building my modern version of this Jamison Production Box invented by a well-known amateur magician, R.M. Jamison. This particular Production Box, invented around 1926, never made it into the Rice Encyclopedia of Silk Magic and managed to the avoid attention of magic dealers in favor of its more popular cousin, the Wonder Box. With any luck, it will continued to be ignored by magicians and you'll have something unique that no one can buy in a magic store and ruin on YouTube. If, like Jamison, you only use it to produce two silks (although it is capable of much more) and then wish to put it into the hands of a spectator for the flight of a silk from your hand to the box, you'll need my Wizard-Touched version of this old classic.



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