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Make Your Own Silk To Egg
by Jolyon Jenkins

The silk to egg trick is a modern classic, invented by Colonel Stodare c.1860. Known as the Stodare Egg, it was used by magicians in what came to be known as the "Kling Klang" trick, where an egg in a drinking glass and a handkerchief in the magician's hand are transposed. The most popular use of the egg was invented by British magician Fred Culpitt , about a century ago. It's a “sucker trick” in which the magician appears to teach the audience how to do a trick in which a silk “turns into” an egg. But first you need the special egg, and in this e-Book, Jolyon shows you how to take a real egg from your refrigerator (white or brown) and turn it into a gimmicked egg for the many tricks that require it.

Once you have the gimmick, there are variations on it that you can make to add to your egg magic repertoire. The e-Book contains excerpts from Hoffmann's "Modern Magic" with old ideas to make new again.




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