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Wrong Ring Revisited

by Professor Spellbinder

Most items required to make this magic effect are available from: Oriental Trading using exact ordering information given in the e-Book.

Based on a 1998 effect by Ali Bongo, this Halloweenized version finds a child choosing a Halloween ring from a selection of rings on display. Once the ring is chosen, the child's name is "engraved" on the ring with a marking pen just so she won't lose it. Then you wrap up the ring and put it into a black box, which is then put into an orange box... or is it the other way around? Starting over, you have the child unwrap the ring and it has changed into a different ring altogether. It's the WRONG RING! So now the ring gets wrapped up again and this time the orange box is put into the black box (yes, it's Lublor Fiedler's Gozinta Boxes in a miniature ring box size that you make yourself, following our directions). This time, when the child unwraps the ring, it has turned back into the "engraved" ring chosen by the child.

Also included is my NEW type of handkerchief vanish for a ring or any small object, called "Hanky Pank."

To turn this into a Christmas effect, check out the rings and things from Oriental Trading Company. You might use a pirate ring for the WRONG RING and an Elf ring as your gift to the child. Make your Gozinta Ring boxes Red and Green.



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