Monster Monte
By Magicbob

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This effect was inspired by Jim Temple's classic packet trick, Color Monte, now produced by Arthur Emerson and Larry West. If you don’t own that gem then stop reading, drive to your local magic store, and buy it now! (To order on-line, click HERE) It is considered by many to be the best packet trick of all time.

Although Monster Monte uses some of the same sleights, I’ve added a totally new “ambitious vampire” phase and made improvements to the handling, eliminating the most awkward Color Monte move entirely. Additionally, I’ve done away with the gambling motif and turned this perennial favorite into a kid-friendly effect that’s especially suitable for the Halloween season.

The Effect:

Three playing cards are shown. Two of the cards sport images of Werewolves. The third card has Dracula on it. As the performer relates a story (included) of the strange happenings at Dracula’s castle, the Dracula card is placed on the bottom or the middle of the packet, yet ascends back to the top repeatedly.

As the tale continues, Dracula seems to have disappeared altogether. All three cards now appear to be Werewolf cards. Dracula then returns. He “moves about the castle,” making it appear that he is now on all three cards.

Finally, the Werewolf ends up in the dungeon and Dracula is found in the bell tower. The Dracula and Werewolf cards are displayed. You explain that, throughout the preceding events, you neglected to look in the laboratory. You turn over the final card to reveal that the occupant of the lab is none other than… FRANKENSTEIN!



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