Jumbo Stage Dutch Looper
By Professor Spellbinder

In my last e-Book on the subject, Double Dutch Loopers also from The Wizards’ Journal #17, I mentioned a special ending that I had developed and that I would release if there were enough interest in it. It seems the interest is there, so here it is.

The earlier version called Double Dutch Loopers covers only the close-up playing card sized versions. In this e-Book, I’m going to show you how easy it is to perform on stage or platform using my ultra jumbo (7” by 10”) playing cards. If you had to use the Patrick Page or the Bob Sheets moves, you would run into trouble working with such large cards. However, my “Spellbinder Moves” were developed for use with the jumbo cards and I discovered they worked equally well with the small playing cards, so that’s what went into that earlier article. I will also reveal my ending where I turn all three cards into Queens (or whatever royal playing card you wish to use). I call it the "Royal Finale."

I describe in this e-Book how to print out, cut out and assemble the cards yourself. I also describe how to make the special table or tray yourself, if you wish to perform my Royal Finale as described in the e-Book. Other methods that do not require any special table or tray are also discussed.



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