By Professor Spellbinder

The effect of this is similar to Zodiac Test by Astor of Hungary, although his was invented and published in 2006 and mine was developed in 2003 when I was still actively performing my Wizard style magic shows, but never published until now. The methods, however, are quite different, and Astor has graciously consented to my mentioning his effect for comparison. You can see it for yourself at his marvelous Web site: You will also note that his version is designed for close-up, while mine is definitely designed for platform or stage presentations.


A Zodiac Chart is displayed and the Seer and Sooth-sayer (that’s you!) makes predictions on it using a variety of colored felt tip markers and setting the chart on a stand or easel so the audience cannot see the prediction just yet.

Then a set of twelve jumbo Zodiac Symbol cards are displayed and passed among the audience. Several spectators are invited to locate their Zodiac signs and hold onto the card that shows it. The colored felt-tip markers are passed to the spectators who are holding cards and they each freely choose one.

The Zodiac chart is now shown and around each Zodiac symbol are the colored circles drawn by the Seer as his predictions. The performer goes to each spectator who is holding a Zodiac symbol and shows that the Zodiac symbol on the chart had been predicted by the performer by being circled with the same color of the marking pen chosen by that spectator long before the cards and pens were distributed.

Templates are provided so you can print out the Jumbo Zodiac Symbol Cards and the large Zodiac Chart on your own printer. Everything else can be found in Dollar Stores or stationery supply houses.



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