Wizard's Wallet
by Professor Spellbinder and Steve Dusheck

This is an inexpensive (I found mine in a Dollar Store) wallet that you gimmick yourself to perform several mind-boggling effects. The mind boggling effects include Steve Dusheck's Dollar Punch and Pad-I-Add Trix, which he was kind enough to give me permission to fit to my Wizard's Wallet. But the Wallet can also be used to good effect with a signed Ambitious Card that jumps from the deck to the Wallet, and a Mind Reading effect. Combining all of the effects mentioned gives you a nice close-up routine that has a surprising beginning, mystifying middle and an astounding end.

In case you can't find the correct kind of wallet in a Dollar Store, I provide you with some on-line sources which, while not a buck, are pretty inexpensive. No leather work is involved in gimmicking the wallet, just simple additions combined with easy to learn handling techniques. Steve gives you the history of his Dollar Punch and how he gimmicks the various styles for this effect.

Wiz Kid Qua-Fiki Demonstrates on Youtube

Sam Sandler just gave me permission to include a mention of his Illusion of Fusion as a way to make it possible to borrow the dollar bill needed for Steve Dusheck's Dollar Punch AND add one more incredible miracle to the Wizard's Wallet routine. You'll still have to contact Sam to learn the secret if you don't already know it, but it's well worth the time and money. Details are in an addendum to the e-Book.



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