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Three Card Trick (with Four Cards)
by Professor Spellbinder

Joe Riding came up with the original premise for this trick circa 1970. The performer tells a story of a huckster seen performing a three card monte, but with an extra card that was used to cheat the suckers who played his game. Since Riding's version, called "The Irish 3 Card Trick with 4 Cards," it has gone through many variations. It is performed with ordinary, ungimmicked cards, from playing card sizes to jumbo and ultra jumbo sizes. My version uses ultra jumbo (print them out yourself) jokers and an Ace of Spades as the money card. The Ace is never where you think it is when you think it, much like Shrödinger's Cat. As in Harry Anderson's Hanky Poo variation, the cards may be scaled out into the audience at the end if you can stand the expense... or perform it with cheap dollar store cards and knock yourself out.

The Three Card Trick (Using Four Cards) from James Gerrish on Vimeo.



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