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Missing Card Puzzle
by Professor Spellbinder

Effect: A deck of cards is handed to someone to shuffle. While it is being shuffled, the magician puts a glass and two envelopes on the table. One is a small envelope marked with a question mark. It contains a single tiny playing card- but the face of the card is blank. What happens next is the most puzzling combination of events that results in a card being revealed even before it is randomly chosen from the deck. At the end, all can be handled by the spectators as they attempt to solve the puzzle of the Missing Card.

It's an old joke. The magician shows a large playing card that contains a prediction of some playing card that will be selected by a spectator. The card is chosen and the prediction is revealed to be all 52 cards together on the single prediction card. But now the old joke has been turned into a twisting impossible prediction puzzle.

The card is selected in the most fair and random way from a thoroughly shuffled deck of playing cards. Only one spectator knows what card has been selected, then he seals it from sight in an envelope. The giant card with all 52 cards is in the form of a puzzle. When the magician puts the puzzle together, all 52 cards are seen. But when a member of the audience tries to put the puzzle together, it contains a hole... one tiny card is missing... the tiny card beneath a glass that everyone thought was only a blank card, isolated long before the trick even started. Only now the card isn't blank any more and fits exactly in the hole. It turns out to be the same as the chosen playing card sealed in the envelope by the one spectator who knows its identity.

Every time the puzzle is shown, it has a different outcome - a different playing card goes missing to match whatever card has been secretly chosen and sealed by the spectator.

Professor Spellbinder's Missing Card Puzzle from James Gerrish on Vimeo.

As a Bonus, we include plans and templates for making the Dollar Bill Puzzle "Where's George?" Plus more puzzles based on the "missing piece" mysteries of the past.

Where's George? Bonus Puzzle from Professor Spellbinder from James Gerrish on Vimeo.



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