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Tricks With a Pop-Away Wand
by Jim Gerrish

Most magicians use Maurice Phillips' (c.1970) Pop-Away Wand just to get the gag of having a wand end fly off as you hand the wand to a helper. If that's all you do with it, you are missing out on a lot of good magic effects and other "bits of business" that you could be doing with your Pop-Away Wand. I particularly like the "Puff-Away Mis-Made Flag" or the "Wand Boojum Production," but you'll find your own favorite from the many ideas given.

For example:

Dog-Gone Silk Trick
Rabbit-in-Hat Silk Trick
Wand Boojum Production
Puff-Away Dye Wand
Quick Puff-Away Mis-Made Flag (Santa, Jack O'Lantern, Whatever)
Qua-Fiki's Complete Puff-Away Mis-Made Flag Routine
Streamer From Wand
20th Century Silk Split
The Wand With Three Ends
Wand to Fountain of Silks
Flowers From Wand
Spring Snakes Wand
Noisy Wand
Falling Wand Switch
Wand Wastebasket

They are all included, plus more ideas for other uses of the Pop Away Wands.



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