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Anniversary Two-Step
by Jim Gerrish

The basic premise for Anniversary Waltz was invented by New York City magician Wesley James in 1965, but it was Doc Eason who linked the premise to the plot and named it Anniversary Waltz in 1994. It has always been performed with an entire deck of cards, but I began to explore the possibilities of performing the effect with a smaller packet of cards, and finally ended up with the main two characters King and Queen of hearts, and Parson Jack to do the honors.

Effect: You show the three cards on both sides. You can even hand out the King and Queen cards to get your couple to return them to you at the front of the room, and then stay there to help you with the trick. Then the Queen of Hearts is signed across the face of the card by the woman, and the King of Hearts is signed across the face by the man. The two cards again are shown front and back before being handed to the couple to press between their palms, one palm up, the other palm down. As the Parson Jack intones the ritual words of joining together as one, the couple discovers that the two cards have indeed fused into one single card with the signed Queen on one side and the signed King on the other side.

This three card version is ideal for performing with Ultra Jumbo Cards (8.5 x 11 in.) on stage or in front of the room at a wedding reception, and so on. Because you print out the cards yourself, you can, if you wish, have the happy couple sign the King and Queen cards that join together at the end and let them keep the single signed card for their Wedding Album. Or, if you are stingy, you can not have the cards signed and use them again and again. No need to limit it to weddings- anywhere there are two people in love (yes, you can include gays if you wish!).



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