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Three Card Trick (with Four Cards)
by Professor Spellbinder

Joe Riding came up with the original premise for this trick circa 1970. Since then it has gone through many variations. It is performed with ordinary, ungimmicked cards, from playing card sizes to jumbo and ultra jumbo sizes. My version uses ultra jumbo (print them out yourself) jokers and an Ace of Spades as the money card. The Ace is never where you think it is when you think it, much like Shrodinger's Cat. As in Harry Anderson's Hanky Poo variation, the cards may be scaled out into the audience at the end if you can stand the expense... or perform it with cheap dollar store cards and knock yourself out.



Santa's Magic Jingle Bell
by Professor Spellbinder

This is the Jingle Bell Santa always wanted for Christmas and you can have it if you make it yourself! It's really a manual (no electronics) spirit bell effect for kids, but in your hands, it can tell you who's been naughty or nice, select an appropriate toy from a deck of toy cards (included as templates), or answer questions about the North Pole. The bell is one of several differently colored jingle bells and the smallest child in the audience has to find it, because only one of the bells is a direct link to Santa himself! Whichever bell he chooses instantly makes itself known as the one and only authentic Santa's Magic Jingle Bell by cavorting about and jingling happily in the little glass container you drop it in. You can even cover that with another glass jar and the bell still performs on demand. Includes several other effects for use with the deck of Toy Cards you make from my templates.



Santa's Chimney
(A Vertical Die Box)
by Professor Spellbinder

The old Die Box doesn't always have to be horizontal, and this vertical Chimney Box is proof. A Santa Claus Block (Santa doesn't play dice on Christmas!) is attached to a rope so you can show the audience how he gets lowered down the chimney on Christmas Eve. The trip is one way, because after he has been lowered, he leaves behind a present and disappears, only to reappear back at the North Pole (or his sleigh). The kids who don't believe you and think that you are hiding Santa in the other side of the chimney get lumps of coal for doubting Santa, but he later changes their coal to more pleasant gifts since he knows they aren't really naughty, just skeptical!



Qua-Fiki's Floating Pumpkin
by Professor Spellbinder and Wiz Kid Qua-Fiki

It began as a part of Qua-Fiki's Mis-Made Jack routine but needed a complete set of instructions all its own because Qua-Fiki shows how to make the pumpkin appear and disappear in the course of his act, as well as float around on its own and in front of any silk, not just his Mis-Made Jack O'Lantern silk. The pumpkin is easily converted from a lightweight foam Halloween Jack O'Lantern decoration, and even has its own internal battery operated light so the glowing face can be seen when it floats behind the silk.

Qua-Fiki also used the same concept to make a Floating Frosty the Snowman Head for his Winter Show and has ideas in the works for a floating Easter Egg, as well. Can be combined with Mis-Made Jack, or performed alone.



Tilt-Back Switch Box
by Professor Spellbinder

Note that this is a "Switch" Box, and not a "Change" box. Mentalists and politicians will find this of use in their acts or careers, while kid show magicians may pass it on by. It is just the thing to ensure the proper outcome in a lottery prediction, or to rig the outcome of a third world election. For entertainment purposes only. Not responsible for miscreants being tarred and feathered, or taken out and shot as a result of improper application.



Lunch in the Park
(Multiplying Bottles Rethunk)
by Professor Spellbinder

If you are tired of having to perform the Multiplying Bottles with the same type bottles that have been used since the 1800's, even gussied up with new colors and labels, you might want to look into a new concept that allows you to use real bottles with real contents and even real food. It all comes out of an empty paper bag that was folded up in your pocket at the start. Give the tin bottles a rest and exercise your brain to breathe new life into an effect that dates back to the biblical era (loaves and fishes sound familiar?).



See-Thru Change Bag
by Wiz Kid Qua-Fiki

When I told Grandpa Spellbinder that I had reinvented the Change Bag, he looked at me with that one eyebrow raised thing he does, but said nothing. But now that he’s seen it in action, he’s going around to all the forums and bragging about it, so I guess he likes it. I hope you like it, too. The bag is specifically made for performing the Mis-Made Flag or some other kind of Mis-Made Adventure. Don't get me wrong; I like cousin Wilhelmina's Transparent Dye Tube from Wiz-J #21, but my See-Thru Change Bag is quick and easy to set-up and even easier to carry in my bicycle back-pack, ready to perform, whereas hers takes a little preparation time.



Sooper Dooper Looper
by Wiz Kid Qua-Fiki

I'm learning a lot about card magic from demonstrating the Three Card Trick (with Four Cards) at the top of this page, as well as Grandpa Spellbinder's Dutch Loopers and my Ace Chaser and so on. When I came up with this variation on a variation on a variation, I had lots of expert magicians to cite going back to the 1930's (full citations are in the e-Book). The effect is simple. I have a spectator open a brand new deck of cards and remove a low black spot card, a high value black spot card, and the queen of hearts. These are given to me and I proceed to do an in-the-hands three card monte making the queen never appear where the spectator is willing to bet she is. Finally, the queen disappears completely, leaving me with the two spot cards. She is discovered back in the facedown deck of cards, reversed so she is the only card face up. I will demonstrate with Dollar Store Jumbo cards, but you can make this in any size you want. The next time you perform it, you might ask for two red spot cards and the King of Spades (for example - your choice).




Color-Free Table Well & Astro-Box
by Professor Spellbinder & Jim Gerrish

For too many years the only choices open to magicians for a deceptive table-well has been the black-art well. In seeking a new way to produce and vanish an Astro-sphere or Zombie, combining a box with a table-well, I discovered, around 1980, that black is not the only color that can be used to hide a table-well. Since then I have come up with several solutions for the Astro-sphere problem, which I will present here. Keep in mind that the Astro-sphere is only representative of any large bulky item you may wish to make appear or disappear. Three production boxes are described, requiring only light carpentry work to make them.



Professor Cheeky-Fiki's
Patriotic Rope Trick

by Wiz Kid Qua-Fiki

The set-up for the original Ken Brooke Professor Cheer’s Comedy Rope is simple compared to Qua-Fiki's Cheeky-Fiki Patriotic Rope version, but here's what the instructions will show you: A rope with FOUR ends, not just three, and each end is a different color rope... white, red, and blue and finally a red-white-blue striped rope attached to the wildest star-spangled boxer shorts you have ever seen (you can purchase something that matches your own taste and choice, however). Any three colors may be used for the ropes.

Flash! Professor Cheer is turning over in his grave and break dancing!



Ribbon Thru Neck
(with Head Loose Ending)

by Wiz Kid Qua-Fiki

Wiz Kid Qua-Fiki has taken U.F. Grant's Visible Ribbon Thru Body and reworked it so it can be performed on one's self as a Ribbon Thru Neck. Follow this up with his Head Loose ending, based on Kawakami Ikuko's original novelty talent show act from 1995, and you have a startling illusion.

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