Dollar Store Magic Book 2:

Vanishing Silk Gimmicks

by Professor Spellbinder

The easiest gimmick to make is for vanishing a single silk. With that simple statement, we get right into the nitty-gritty of silk vanish gimmicks all made from Dollar Store supplies. The e-book explains how to make and perform:

1. Ping Pong Vanisher
2. Finger Tip Vanisher
3. Buatier Pear Pull
4. Nylon Cord Sleeve Pull
5. Silken Bombshell Variations
6. Paper Cone Vanisher
7. Coin Tube Vanisher
8. Coin Bottle Vanisher

Many magicians know how to vanish a tiny silk handkerchief (9” or so) inside a thumb tip. The problem is, the trick is now being included in magic sets for kids, and is even for same in Dollar Stores. However, one drawback to the thumb tip vanish (besides everyone knowing about it) is that it only works with that very tiny silk handkerchief. Less well known are these alternate methods, many of which work just as well with 18” silk handkerchiefs or larger.

Vanishing Silk Gimmicks



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