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Death and Taxes
by Jim Gerrish

Death and Taxes, by Jim Gerrish is a Wild Card routine in reverse, in which nine different Tarot Card images begin to transform into Death cards plus a new Tarot design included by Jim just for this deck- L'Uomo Fiscale - The Taxman. Use the nine different tarot cards to give a spectator a Tarot reading, then let the cards begin to change to all Death images, ending with the surprise appearance of The Tax Man. Afterwards, all the cards can be shown on both sides, as in Peter Kane's Gypsy Curse ending, but unlike other versions of Wild Card, this one can also begin by showing both sides of all nine cards.

If you choose not to purchase our Invisible Tarot card set, you will need to either make your own Tarot cards from our included templates, or buy them elsewhere ready-made. One Source:

Jim Gerrish's "Death and Taxes" from James Gerrish on Vimeo.



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